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Title: FRIDAY 13

Reference number: 5625

Date: 1960

Director: filmed by Frank M. Marshall

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 10.25 mins

Description: Children visiting their grandmother create mischief in the garden and in the kitchen.

Entered in 'family' category, Scottish Amateur Film Festival 1960. Non-winner.

Credits: A Lewis Family Film by Frank M. Marshall

Shotlist: title (0.15) ints lounge, where woman checks her diary [reads 'Boys coming for day, Scotts coming dinner'], she clears all the ornaments from mantlepiece and puts guard over fire (1.00) three little boys and their mother arrive at the house, then wave goodbye to their mother (1.42) the boys empty toybox (1.46) grandmother prepares toast in the kitchen (2.06) she answers the telephone, her room now littered with toys (2.12) the boys 'play' with garden furniture, throwing cushions and wicker chairs around (2.16) c/u burnt toast (2.26) exts garden, where boys continue to create havoc (3.31) one boy escapes to garage, where he is caught emptying jars of seeds onto the ground (4.34) ints kitchen, where they decorate sponge cakes and play a trick on their grandmother, eating the glace cherries when she is out the room (5.39) they enjoy their lunch, one boy putting loads of salt on his (6.11) they pick daffodils from the garden, one boy lagging behind to pull the heads off red flowers at the front door; they make an arrangement for the table (8.32) they set the dinner table, one boy mischievously loosening table from underneath (9.07) the boys are picked up by their mother (9.43) ints kitchen where she prepares meal (9.54) she puts final touches to table, it collapses in middle (10.09) c/u proverb in her diary 'A Good Laugh Is Sunshine In The House' (10.15) THE END (10.25)