HAMILTONIA No.7: A Hamilton Newsreel of the Years 1962-63

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Title: HAMILTONIA No.7: A Hamilton Newsreel of the Years 1962-63

Reference number: 5534

Date: 1962 - 1963

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.51 mins

Description: Scenes from Hamilton in 1960s including Christmas lights, delivery of parcels to senior citizens and winter scenery.

Cataloguer's comment: Close up shot of parcel contents was very interesting - original food packaging from the 1950's with recogniseable brands e.g. Rich Tea biscuits and Heinz Scotch Broth.

Shotlist: title (0.15) CHRISTMAS 1962 - This year the Town Council inaugurated a scheme of Christmas lighting in the streets of the town (0.36) street scene at night with bright Christmas lights on lamposts (1.20) lanterns, traffic passing (1.59) Christmas gifts from the Town Council to the town's senior citizens (2.07) ext Burgh of Hamilton Welfare Department, cut to inside and piles of Christmas presents neatly stacked (3.19) volunteers carrying gifts onto Civil Defence Corps military vehicles. Parcels delivered around doors (5.06) c/u parcel contents - biscuits, Christmas pudding, soup etc (5.16) more parcels being loaded and delivered (6.47) c/u parcel contents (6.55) That winter was the coldest in living memory (7.03) frozen streams, snow covered housing, people skating on frozen lake (8.30) swans in hole in frozen lake (9.04) 1870 Ladies Come To Life two women walking the streets in all black 1870's clothes with umbrella (10.42) THE END (10.51)