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Reference number: 0880

Date: 1963

Sponsor: Caledonian Associated Cinemas

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.14 mins

Description: Events during Glenrothes festival week including the presentation of sashes to the festival "Lad and Lass" by Duncan MacRae, proclamation by the town crier, and a dance display.

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from time-coded VHS copy, times converted from 25fps to 18fps]

Credits (0.25); Brass band seated in park (0.38); Shot of primary school and secondary school pupils in park, led by their teachers. Also shot of Girl Guides and Brownies (1.03); General views of spectators (1.23); Members of the clergy lead open air service, accompanied by brass band; shot assembled soldiers (3.31); Long shot of the assembled groups (4.03); General shots of crowds dispersing (5.22); Two women enter an unidentified building (5.56); Ints. as they take tea [still hatted] (6.19); Long shot of surface buildings of unidentified colliery (6.36); Shots around industrial estates, showing exteriors of Beckman, Anderson Boyes Limited, Formica, Milk Marketing Board and Hughes International (UK) Limited, and the interior of one of the factories (7.33); Shots of seated spectators (8.18); A proclamation is read out by the town crier and speeches are given, intercut with shots of the crowds. Sashes are presented to Glenrothes Festival Lad and Lass by Duncan MacRae; Lad gives a speech; bouquets are given to the women on the platform (11.09) platform party file away; General shots of people dispersing (11.47) Pipe band in crowded street precedes open car carrying Festival Lad and Lass in the back seat, followed by marching uniformed men, possibly army cadets (12.16); Scottish dancing display (13.03); shots of children walking along suburban street; Festival Lad and Lass welcome visitors to unid. building; brief shot floats; tracking shot of spectators lining street (14.28) Glenrothes Lad and Lass pass in an open-topped car; shots of a procession of floats including a pipe band and fancy dress; Syncom float [first geosynchronous satellite]; Brownies Float etc. (16.59)