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Reference number: 5376

Date: 1955c

Production company: Elder Film Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.20 mins

Description: Clips from a series of five magazine films of Glasgow. Includes footage of Collins publishers producing bibles; Morris of Glasgow manufacturing chairs; macaroni and alphabet pasta shapes being made in a Glasgow factory; and students at work in the Scottish Hotel School, the first of its kind in Britain.

For other titles in the 'City Sidelights' series, see also refs. 0123, 0328, 0379 and 0330

Credits: comm. w. Pharic McLaren
comm. s A. Campbell Hastie
sd. C. Leghorn, Messrs A Biggar
m. West of Scotland Orchestral Society

Shotlist: Credits ; Made in Glasgow. Printing shop of Collins Limited and methods of printing and binding a bible by hand, pages being folded, man demonstrates the thinness of India paper used to make them (1.43) a man gilding with gold leaf then burnishing the page edges (3.14) the cover is glued to the book; c/u finished bibles, printed in different languages (4.02); a chair is examined by a group of men, designers and draughtsmen (5.16) model of the factory is rearranged to discover the most efficient production line (5.28) cutting, grooving and planing machines in operation. (5.56) hand assembly by female worker Morris of Glasgow factory, (6.20) chair is exhibited as part of a dining set (6.38); shots of the making of black and white striped balls; sugar is kneaded into mint oil and dyed; man and woman working with the sugar; a striped roll of sugar is placed into a machine; the roll is stretched, cut and formed into balls; row of female workers inspect the sweets; filling sweetie jars (10.24); semolina is sieved and mixed with water. macaroni produced by the pasta machine is collected and placed in drying room. (11.16) pasta letter shapes; c/u pasta rabbits; (11.43) spaghetti is extruded and cut; macaroni is packed (11.50); chef prepares macaroni as part of demonstration for students of the Scottish Hotel School in Glasgow. Demonstration of icing technique by pastry cook. Students at work on icing cakes; finished decorations, including a posy of roses, made of potato (14.34) students are instructed in table service; (15.27) cocktails are taught at the bar; calling out the orders in French; waitress collects meal from kitchen hotplate, dishes are checked by head chef (16.20) students at lecture. Reception hall (16.59); That concludes our glimpse of Glasgow and some of its many activities. If you have been interested look out for the next issue with further "SIDE LIGHTS OF GLASGOW" THE END, (17.20)