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Reference number: 5103

Date: 1975c

Director: d. Patrick Filmer-Sankey

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.18 mins

Description: This film literally follows the journey made by Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Battle of Culloden and the subsequent incidents in his history.

Credits: w. and nar. by Eric Linklater
ph. Don Kelly
ed. Jim Connock
m. Phil Martell
anim. Frank Hendrix
sd. RCA
processed by Technicolor
the producers wish to thank
The National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland
The Royal Scottish Museum
The Scottish National Portrait Gallery
The West Highland Museum. Fort William
The National Trust for Scotland
The National Maritime Museum. Greenwich
The Parker Gallery, London
Maps by permission of :
The Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office
John Bartholemew and Son Limited. Edinburgh
& the family of MacKinnon
without whom this film could not have been made

Shotlist: credits (0.59) c/u of engraved glass featuring Long Live Bonnie Prince Charlie and 1745 (1.24) c/us of engraved glasses with white roses, a symbol of revolt against the King of England (2.31) c/u of 5 Jacobite swords (2.54) c/u of cannon firing from ramparts (2.59) c/us of gravestones featuring the names of the clans fallen at Culloden Moor - MacGillivrays, Mackintosh, Cameron, Donald, Gordon, Stewarts of Appin etc (3.33) ext. shot of narrator - Eric Linklater - talking to camera (3.47) c/u of Proclamation for reward of £30,000 for seizure of Bonnie Prince Charlie (3.55) tracking shot of Highland landscape from car (4.03) map of Highlands (4.36) gvs of Invergary? (5.12) map showing Arisaig (5.24) pan shot of woodland and flowers (6.19) c/u of letter from Bonnie Prince Charlie to Jacobites (6.39) c/u of narrator (6.50) shots of trawlers and fisherman (8.15) view of Outer Hebrides in horizon (8.42) narrator in boat and stormy seas calming later (9.46) narrator on Benbecula (10.09) pan shot of Benbecula (10.33) narrator in boat with map (11.13) map and shots of Isle of Lewis (11.37) brief insert of painting of an English galleon (11.42) tracking shot of Islands from a boat (12.10) narrator ashore (12.45) gvs landscape (13.09) brief insert of galleon painting (13.24) painting of Flora MacD onald (13.55) portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie disguised as as Betty Burke (14.24) shot of Skye on horizon (14.39) narrator on boat talking to camera and approaching Skye (15.02) Portree harbour with Flora MacDonald's face superimposed (15.41) shots of Skye landscape from water (16.36) narrator at Mallaig talking to camera (16.55) pan shot across sea with statue of Bonnie Prince Charlie superimposed (17.11) campfire at night (17.27) c/u of silver quaich (17.45) Mallaig and Arisaig from sea zoom to drawing of galleons (17.56) hand held camera shot walking uphill with inserts of drawings of galleons and soldiers and shots of birds fleeing shore (18.37) pan shot of misty hilly landscape (18.45) heather landscape with rainbow in background (19.09) narrator talking to camera (19.47) pan shot of sea loch from where he sailed to France (20.09) c/u of Sword of Immortality, engraved glasses, another sword and a goblet (20.59) shot of sun shimmering on waters and ecs. (22.18)