POLLOK: A State Of Nature

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Title: POLLOK: A State Of Nature

Reference number: 4995

Date: 1974c

Sponsor: Glasgow District Parks Department

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.45 mins

Description: This film promotes Pollok House and Gardens, located on the South side of Glasgow. Initially, the history of how it came under the ownership of Glasgow City Council is discussed but most of the film focusses on the wildlife and attractions of the place throughout the seasons.

Credits: ph. John Cruickshank for Glasgow District Parks Department

Shotlist: title (0.07) gvs Glasgow street scenes, including Argyle Street and aerials of city (0.21) aerial shot and exts Pollok House (0.34) c/u old photographs of Pollok House and gardens with Victorian garden party, c/u painting of Sir John Stirling Maxwell and archive colour film of him, various newspaper cuttings (1.42) c/u photographs of Anne Stirling Maxwell (who gave Pollok to the City of Glasgow for its citizens to enjoy); gvs Pollok in the snow and general wildlife, including Highland cattle (2.32) shot of people ice-skating in the snow (2.50) c/u spring flowers and gvs gardens (3.44) gvs rhododendron garden and azaleas (4.59) shot of young people pony trekking through the park (5.09) gvs school field trip investigating wildlife (5.42) shots of wildlife, including stoat, fox, rabbit, deer and birds (7.11) tracking shot along path where people enjoy leisurely walk (7.27) gvs Highland Cattle (7.38) gvs gardening demonstrations, shots of rose gardens and flower beds (9.22) gvs people dressed up as Victorians enjoying croquet on the lawn and taking tea (10.09) shot of children having a picnic and playing in playpark (10.41) gvs Autumn scenes, includes shot of man sweeping leaves (11.44) shots of people horse riding; kids looking for chestnuts and mushrooms (12.37) shots of November rains and White Cart water flooding (12.59) gvs winter scenes at Pollok, including the river completely iced over (13.32) ecs (13.45)