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Reference number: 4682

Date: 1972*

Production company: [ Glasgow ETV]

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.33 mins

Description: Produced by Glasgow ETV, this programme features footage of the Citizens Theatre in Glasgow. Rehearsals for 'A Government Inspector' Rehearsals get underway, and footage of 'behind the scenes' areas such as the dressing room and make-up. Designers discuss costume and production set design and construction. A brief look at the box office area and interior shots of the theatre building, including shots of the lighting and sound control area. [mute]

The Archives of the Citizens Theatre are deposited at the Scottish Theatre Archive, Glasgow University. See for further details [last accessed 4/9/2013]

See also refs 0479 and 4172.

Shotlist: [no title] brief shot behind the scenes, gvs stage performance with lady in striped dress (0.28) exts woman walking along street and entering Citizens Theatre Stage Door (0.34) Street scene, shot towards exts Citizens' Theatre and Palace next door (0.45) ints. box office, woman at desk waves to camera (0.51) 'Current Production', 'Rehearsing Production' the rehearsing production is currently 'A Government Inspector' by Nikolai Gogol, the date 6th February; table with props? (1.25) gvs as cast read through the play, seated in a semi circle, some smoking. (2.54) [blank - countdown leader] (3.10) production designers discuss drawings (3.37) c/u costume drawings (3.43) costume designers discuss swatches of fabric against the pencil drawings (4.11) young lady in wardrobe area, various costumes hanging up, she picks up an underskirt 'hoop' (4.32) young man models a feathered bicorn hat with feathers on it, much to the amusement of two female colleagues (4.45) [blank - countdown leader] (5.04) gvs production design drawings, gvs carpenters at work making the set (5.57) gvs props room, quite messy, with objects such as coffin, radio, horseshoes, papier mache mask (6.49) gvs rehearsal (7.19) [blank - countdown leader] (7.36) gvs people sitting around discussing production plans (7.52) gvs set, as people add finishing touches, the lighting man fixes wires (8.47) dress rehearsal with two women, director sits in stalls making comments. Director is Robert David MacDonald (9.26) continued shots, rehearsal (10.28) ints. office, where various people are at work; one girl typing a letter, man makes phone call (possibly Giles Havergal), various conversations and general office bustle (11.04) exts as camera moves from outside in the main entrance; view of foyer; c/u signs for 'Stalls, Dress Circle' (11.20) ints dressing room; leading actress applies makeup (11.30) lighting is rehearsed, referring to script (11.39) actress fixes hair into place (11.50) c/u sign 'Upper Circle' and ints theatre showing statues above the Upper Circle; c/u statues (12.03) actress continues to arrange her hair (12.15) ints theatre; lighting (12.20) ints man operating lighting controls (12.28) the lights go up (12.30) [same shot as very start of film] brief shot behind the scenes (12.41) [blank - countdown leader] (12.56) the cast take a final curtain call at the end of the show (13.33)