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Reference number: 4679

Date: 1947

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27.13 mins

Description: Amateur record of a Scout trip to Edinburgh and the train and boat journey home to Orkney. Includes footage of Portobello outdoor swimming pool.

Orkney Scouts trip to Norway, June 1947. Photocopy of log book on file. Kelday interviewed on Way It Was, Programme 101, 1998. This film is no. two of three See also refs. 4677 and 4678,

Shotlist: gvs Scouts walking about Edinburgh Castle forecourt (0.15) PRINCES STREET GARDENS FOLLOWED BY VIEWS OF THE CITY gvs same, l/s (1.00) THE SHRINE WITH THE GUARD IN ATTENDANCE shot of guard patrolling (1.30) THE BOYS SPENT A GLORIOUS AFTERNOON AT PORTOBELLO BATHING POOL gvs outdoor pool with boys swimming and playing in water, includes an exts of the front entrance (2.44) THE FAIR GROUNDS NEXT TO THE POOL gvs same (3.07) LEAVING DUBLIN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, EDINBURGH gvs Scouts in uniform leaving church, shots of them standing outside YMCA building, one of them is smoking, and throws a cigarette to the cameraman (3.48) SOUTHFIELD, WHERE SANDY GELLETLY GIVES THE BOYS A YARN ON NATURE STUDY shot of Scouts beside Sandy in a wheelchair (4.12) THE ZOO, EDINBURGH, WHERE ALL THE BOYS CAME BACK SAFELY gvs zoo, crowds of spectators and various animals, including seals, bears, lions (6.19) AFTERNOON TEA PARTY AT THE HOME OF MR. McRAE G.S.M. OF THE 24th EDINBURGH TROOP BOY SCOUTS gvs tea party in the garden of a semi-detached house (6.55) PRIVATE ROOM IN THE NORTH WEST BRITISH STATION HOTEL, WHERE MR. ALFRED MACKAY OF KIRKWALL GAVE THE BOYS A WONDERFUL DINNER [fairly underexposed] ints same (7.47) STAR PARK, LEITH gvs same (7.59) FLORAL CLOCK IN PRINCES STREET GARDENS c/u same (8.25) DEPARTURE FROM EDINBURGH shots of boys descending stairs at Waverley Street Station and brief shots of Princes Street,trams visible (8.56) THE FORTH ROAD BRIDGE views from train (10.03) LEAVING INVERNESS STATION moving gvs leaving Inverness, through Invergordon Stations, at The Mound 'Change here for Dornoch Line' Virol- growing boys need it and DCL Malt Extract adverts; Golspie Station Georgemas junction, change here for Thurso (11.08) exts Pentland Hotel (11.25) GOODBYE TO THE MAINLAND, SCRABSTER PIER gvs same, and Scrabster lighthouse? (11.54) DAVID BEWS SOUND ASLEEP; CAPTAIN BANKS LEAVING THE BRIDGE TO CHAT WITH THE PASSENGERS gv same, some boys sleeping and views of approaching land (13.13) APPROACHING STROMNESS; WONDERFUL GREETINGS FROM PARENTS AND FRIENDS AS WE ARRIVE AT STROMNESS PIER gvs same, and Scouts steeping ashore (14.59) exts cathedral (15.17) Scouts leaving on boat 'Inyoni' and views of cliffs (15.32) camping, meeting locals and sailing off on boat; gvs on boat (16.59) fancy dress parade with marching pipes and drums (18.19) gvs Scout Camp, including tents, cooking, chopping firewood, loading up the bus, games, parades, swimming in sea (20.07) exploring ruined castle (20.42) gvs Scout Camp, including visitors (family etc) (22.59) marching pipe band and large football match on a park with crowds of spectators, hockey match for girls (25.39) gvs coastal cliffs and ruined church (26.00) ABERDEEN SCOUTS AT TORMISTON CAMP gvs same MAESHOWE boys come out from underground passage at side of the chambered Maeshowe Cairn (27.08) THE END (27.13)