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Reference number: 4621

Date: 1938 - 1941

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.05 mins

Description: Annual Supper Dance and Cabaret organised by Mr J T Sinclair, Wick. The supper and dance always features Old Father Time, the Spirit of the New Year (played by a young girl), and a pretty young woman chosen to be Miss 19?? of that year. The wartime dances show people in uniform.

Shotlist: Supper, Dance and Caberet Show 12th January 1938 organised by Jas. T. Sinclair Jnr., Wick; "Father Time", "Spirit of the New Year", "Miss 1938" (0.07) gvs people on stage holding up banner that reads "A Guid New Year To Ane An A'" as piper walks in foreground; gvs band playing, including accordion and banjo as lady sings through speaker (0.43) Miss 1938 lines up on stage alongside Old Father Time (0.56) Jas T. Sinclair Jnr., Organiser gvs same and crowd, all dressed up, band play in background; throw balloons in the air and make toasts to one another (possibly celebrating the bells?) (1.37) a little girl - possibly Spirit of 1938 - sings and various people in fancy dress assemble before the host, Mr Sinclair is seen talking to one lady (she laughs with embarrassment and avoids eye contact with camera). This lady then makes short speech. Shot of man playing mouth organ. Union Jack flags can be seen in background as various dancers perform - these include 'flapper' type dances and a boy tap dancing (3.53) gvs couples waltzing (6.01) The End (6.03) Time Marches On Once Again Miss 1939 is revealed - she breaks out of a makeshift 'egg' container that was wheeled onto the middle of the floor (6.15) pan along top table where various well dressed guests enjoy themselves (6.42) little girl sings, accompanied by man playing a resonator guitar [a "National" tenor guitar] (6.54) couples proceed in a circle, arm in arm, past camera (10.42) they start to dance in complex sequence (11.22) solo couple dance and are followed by everyone dancing (14.19) The End (14.20) Time Marches On Once Again; Once again, Jas. T. Sinclair presents his Annual Supper and Dance with Miss 1940, The Spirit of the Year, Father Time and Caberet Show 'Father Time' bent double and shuffling makes his way among guests seated at benches and tables (15.03) Spirit of 1940 enters, this being a small girl dressed in military uniform. She salutes and is followed by two young ladies in naval (?) uniform, Miss 1940, dressed in the Union Jack, arrives and makes speech. Gvs speeches and toasts over dinner, includes shot of Jas. T. Sinclair. Various men in uniform make speeches and perform comedy routines for the assembled audience (18.24) children perform Highland Fling, there are lone pipers, and a man playing penny whistle (19.14) gvs people playing 'tiddlywinks', another singing comedy act perform in the syle of the black and white minstrels (?) (20.56) gvs people enjoying toasts and cheers, they then parade with partners in circle as a spotlight is shone across them (22.51) gvs waltzing (25.46) Jas. T. Sinclair presents his Miss 1941 Supper and Dance caberet act with Old Father Time, Miss 1941 etc, gvs reactions of audience (27.06) everyone, including Mr Sinclair, raises a toast and listen to speeches - a lot of people are smoking in the crowd (30.05)