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Reference number: 4214

Date: 1936*

Sponsor: [ Playhouse Cinema, Inverness]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.04 mins

Description: The Duke and Duchess of York at Inverness Station, prior to their departure for Skye. The opening ceremony of Inverness municipal airport by his Grace the Duke of Sutherland, at which there is a demonstration jump by champion parachutist John Tranum. The Inverness-Orkney plane is christened by Mrs. Donald McDonald of Scorguie. Passengers board the plane, speeches are made and the plane takes off.


Credits: [believed commissioned by Malcolm "Pop'' Roberts, cinema manager ]

Shotlist: TRH the Duke & Duchess of York at Inverness Station prior to their departure for Skye gvs crowds and Royals departing from Inverness Station; man makes parachute jump; shot of bi-plane taking off; assorted crowds listen to Duke making speech [many 'rich gentry', 'VIPs']; Opening of Inverness Municipal Airport by His Grace the Duke of Sutherland; John Tranum (Champion Parachutist) arrives by car after losing train connection at Pitlochry Shots of general antics on airfield as someone in "drag" is bundled into an aircraft which then takes off, performs a few stunts and then lands; Inauguration of First Highland Air Service; Lady Findlay, Sir Edmund Findlay, Mr Peter Findlay, who flew from Edinburgh to Inverness to be present at the opening service and then proceeded by plane to Kirkwall. Inverness - Orkney plane christened by Mrs Donald McDonald of Scorguie. Shots of a monospar (small two-propeller plane) taking off ; Crowds watching; Shot of pilot climbing into small plane marked "Inverness Highland Airways Limited, 36 Academy Street Inverness". Passengers, possibly the Findlays, board the plane; Speeches are made, the plane is loaded and then takes off; Aerial shots of urban areas and then the plane lands; Shots of Foxmoth bi-plane "Aberdeen" (of the Highland Airways) as it takes off; Aerial shots; Shots from plane as it takes off and more aerial views; Shots from plane of another plane flying on a parallel course; Pan across the city of Inverness, the suspension bridge and large cathedral come into view; Shot of a building, possibly the city hall, on an unidentified street; Back to an airfield, where a flag is hoisted and presentations are made (14.04)