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Reference number: 0241

Date: 1937

Director: [filmed by Ernest Bromberg]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.00 mins

Description: Local news of Aberdeen, includes footage of Scotland v Ireland football match at Pittodrie, a circus, a TA parade with land girls and WAC. [Incomplete]

Shotlist: No credits. Scotland v Ireland at Pittodrie, Aberdeen (.01) British Championships match, Scotland come out onto the park followed by Ireland. Shots of large crowd. The captains shake hands, and toss. Shots of crowd and match in progress. Ireland scores the first goal. Shots of the goal and crowds cheering [result 1-1] (1.35) gvs Castle Forbes with flag flying. People emerge from doorway and pose for the camera, among them Neville Chamberlain (1.52) RAF De Havilland plane. Further shots of people on doorstep. Return to plane. The circus comes to town (2.09) John Grindle leads in elephants from Kittybrewster Station to the circus grounds at Seaton Park, meanwhile giving Aberdeen's "loons" and "quineys" a free show. Shots of elephants, one of which is ridden by a man, probably John Grindle (2.31) The ponies return to their native shire. Shots of Shetland ponies being loaded on to a van. Bertram Mills circus marquee. Shots of people and children crowding round the marquee (3.10) Mr. Foster, the ringmaster, and Mr. Lindsay, the musical director, discuss arrangements for a special show at Aberdeen (3.23); Pulling their weight in erecting the Big Top. Shots of same (3.38) Aberdeen Youth Welfare Demonstrations. Shots of people arriving at a hall and being seated for the performance. A choir, dance display, scouts demonstrating tent erection, and a play (4.50) The massed Territorial parade. Pipe band marches through the streets, followed by soldiers. Cavalcade of cars and crowds by night (5.30) daylight scenes of more soldiers marching down Union Street in Aberdeen. Army officer takes salute. Further shots of the march past, with armoured cars, soldiers of the Women's Army Corps, Land Girls, the Auxiliary Fire Service, Wardens Services, Harbour Rescue with ambulance, and ARP Mess Service. March past and salute again. Shots of Women's Army Corps and other female services, then Navy and RAF cadets (7.58) [Incomplete]