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Reference number: 4104

Date: 1939

Director: filmed by MATTHEW L. NATHAN

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.06 mins

Description: Travelling through Mandalay, Amarapura, down the Irrawaddy river to Rangoon and close to the Chinese border at Bhamo, this film visits beautiful pagodas and palaces, witnesses the silk weaving and teak trades and observes everyday life of the Burmese people.

Winner of colour prize at Scottish Amateur Film Festival, 1939. Entered in non-fiction, colour categories. Country of origin: England. Note on original film box advises film should be projected at 16fps.

Shotlist: gvs architectural detail on the Tilominlo Pagoda, dating from 1218 A.D. (0.29) The great Ananda Pagoda, built by King Kyanzittha at the beginning of the 12th century (1.02) Pagan remains as a monument to the era of Burma's greatest power shot of monument silhoutted against sunset (1.17) Mandalay was the capital of the last Burmese Kings, who were deposed by the British in 1886. The Royal Palace, built of teak, stands in a park 1 1/4 miles square surrounded by battlements and a wide moat shots of palace and someone sweeping the dusty path alongside moat with a broom (1.53) pan right left across bridge to palace (2.15) horse drawn carriages enter palace (2.21) gvs palace, includes shot of boy fishing in moat with tin cans suspended across back from a wooden stick (3.14) Near Mandalay is the village of Amarapura, the centre of the Burmese silk weaving industry bustling street scenes with hay carts drawn by cows, women wearing beautiful long silk skirts carrying loads balanced on their head (3.54) gvs women weaving silk on hand-operated looms (4.28) shots of housing area, with houses raised on stilts, animals, horse-drawn transport and young children. Includes shot of woman walking with sun parasol (5.17) Above Mandaly the Irrawaddy passes through a well wooded zone. From here comes most of Burma's teak. The teak logs are made into rafts and floated down to the saw mills at Rangoon gvs same (6.16) shots of people bathing in river (6.23) shot of river taken from steam boat, possibly for tourists? (7.19) Bhamo, 1020 miles by river from Rangoon, is the terminus of the river steamers. Only 30 miles from the Chinese border, it is the starting point of a caravan route connecting Burma with the interior of China bustling scenes with people loading and unloading luggage, furniture etc on horses and carts and motor vehicles (8.08) women carry baskets of white linen along road, gvs heavily decorated pagoda (9.20) gvs street scenes (9.36) little boy flying his kite on the beach, sunset (10.03) The End (10.06)