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Title: GRANITE CITY, the

Reference number: 4016

Date: 1936

Sponsor: [ Scottish Travel Association]

Production company: Jas. E. Henderson Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.45 mins

Description: Film showing Aberdeen, the 'Granite City’. It covers the monumental buildings, parks, university and the harbour

Produced by local photographic services firm. Believed to be earliest surviving professional colour film made in Scotland. See notes file.

Credits: ph. John Macdougall

Shotlist: Credits. Inter title over pictures of Aberdeen Aberdeen - a city of massive grey granite in a luxurious setting of wooded slopes, an impregnable reampart of peaks behind its shores washed by the turbulent waters of the north sea. (0.17); Shot of fields at the side of the River Dee? (0.23); Bridge of Balgownie? (0.36); Different aerial views of the city (1.02); l/s of Union Street at corner of King Street, trams, (1.11); Steeple (1.17); l/s of King Street, street traffic (1.21); Statue on Union Street Gardens, Steam Trains in background, Union Terrace? (1.35); People sitting feeding pigeons (1.40); Unidentified building (1.57); tram travelling along road, Corporation bus driving along tree lined street (2.12);Riverside Drive (2.14); Music Hall and Library, street traffic (2.20); l/s Art Gallery (2.24); Union Gardens, men wearing caps, playing checkers (2.35); Stately Building (2.39); Marischal College, horse and cart (2.47); Marischal college Spire (2.59); Building ? (3.07); Forresterhill Hospital? (3.12); Rubislaw Granite Quarry?, men working (3.50); Park with Large Botanic Hot House, bowling green (4.13); Children's playground, Duthie Park, pond, paddle boat, swan, picnics, people strolling around park, playing, people applauding (5.56); people walking around a Maze (Hazelhead Park), wooden bridge over water, trees, woodland (6.23); Steam ships in harbour, city outline in background (6.27); Boats leaving harbour, pier? (6.33); Beach Promenade, beach, children playing, cars, (6.47); HARRY GORDON'S PAVILLION ENTERAINERS, written on roof of building, car, chimney, (6.51); Beach Ballroom (6.58); crowded beach (7.06); Punch & Judy puppet show, children and adults, children playing in water, sail boat, people swimming (7.36); Beach promenade again (7.41); Horse and carts, donkey rides, children (7.53); Amusements, Rollercoaster, rides, (8.00); motor boats, amusement stalls (8.24); Steam boats (8.38); Fishing boat being unloaded, crates of fish, fish market, man sorting fish (9.49); horse & carts at pier? (10.00); Golf, Golf course at beach (Bridge of Don) (10.12); Car park at outskirts of Aberdeen (10.16); Golfing again (10.38); Bowling green, tennis courts, (11.18); scenic view (11.26); Bridge over River Don, people walking under viaduct (11.54); River view towards Hillhead, Swans (12.13); Brig o Balgownie, small sail boat in River (12.33); Old cobble street with children playing (12.47); Kings College, The Quad, Chapel (13.07); gvs around University Grounds, St Machars Cathederal (13.45)