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  • Glasgow


  • Employment, industry and industrial relations
  • Food and drink


  • Women film makers


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 4006

Date: 1952

Director: filmed by Nat & Nettie McGavin

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.06 mins

Description: Production of tea. First part focuses on workers and conditions of work while harvesting, processing and exporting tea leaves in India, Ceylon, Kenya and Indonesia. Latter part shows McGavins tea factory, with sampling and testing of tea, packaging and cargoes to be shipped across the globe.

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1962.

Paper records held relating to this film at the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive 2/3/49

Credits: ph. & sc. Nat & Nettie McGavin
comm.s Bill Jack
sd.rec Park Film Studios Ltd.

Shotlist: title, superimposed over woman pouring cups of tea at a beautifully set tea table (0.18) m/s two men in lab. coats discussing sample of tea leaves held in front of them (0.32) c/u basket of green tea leaves (0.36) shot of woman picking tea leaves in field (0.39) c/u shots of map, pointing to various places where tea is cultivated and exported, including Britain, Ceylon, India, China, Kenya and Indonesia (1.06) l/s over Indonesian village, shots of hillsides covered in tea crops, workers picking leaves and associated crops (2.15) gvs same, this time in Kenya (2.45) shot of workers and children saluting to staff in uniform, school and nursing staff, Children exercising outside school (2.58) gvs coastline of Ceylon, landscapes and tea-pickers on this island, shots of Darjeeling in India (5.50) gvs tea industry in Assam, showing workers picking leaves, weighing of leaves, processing in factory and export on ships [11.47- 11.58 very fast speed] continuation of previous (13.23) men in sample room of McGavin 'Mavara' tea testing tea for quality and taste , weighing and examining tea leaves (17.14) shot of warehouse with cargo boxes (marked Glasgow) full of tea, shot of man examining clipboard with destinations across the world such as Spain and Russia (17.33) man in warehouse opening and checking boxes, emptying contents into refining machine (18.40) shot of women factory workers sorting and packaging tea (19.18) ints kitchen, woman preparing tea in pot and serving with cake to friend at the table (the friend in question being Frank Marshall's wife, the lady serving tea probably Nettie McGavin?) (21.06)