OLYMPIC GAMES: Melbourne 1956

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Title: OLYMPIC GAMES: Melbourne 1956

Reference number: 3991

Date: 1956

Director: filmed by Nettie N. McGavin

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.09 mins

Description: Records various track and field events at the 1956 Olympic Games, held in Melbourne, Australia. Includes medal ceremony and opening and closing celebrations.

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1957, winning the Sir A.B. King Prize - £2-2/-

Shotlist: credits (0.31) The Olympic Movement tends to bring together in a radiant union, all the qualities which guide mankind to perfection (0.43) wall drape on side of building displaying the previous host cities to the Olympic Games, c/u pennant for the current Games in Melbourne, Australia (1.10) gvs bustling street scenes, including trams, in the city of Melbourne, welcome signs for the Games (2.33) entrance to Olympic Village, shots of many flags of the world, shots of people meeting sporting stars (3.06) pan of boat (HMS ?) with British, Commonwealth and Australian flags flying from masts (3.41) l/s Olympic stadium (3.50) shot of car park packed with traffic (4.00) crowds of people walk to stadium (4.17) shots of opening ceremony with massed bands and stands packed with spectators, shot of royal car and greeting ceremony (very brief glimpse of Prince Philip as he walks by?) (5.21) gvs teams from competing countries march in and assemble on pitch (8.58) torch is carried in by runner, various shots of crowds and those on pitch (9.52) teams leave stadium (10.03) track event with runners (10.55) hurdles (11.32) relay (11.47) brief shot 'GTV' television camera filming from high vantage point (11.54) pole vault (12.26) walkers (13.30) shot putt and javelin (14.13) start of walking race (14.27) officials paint white lines on grass (14.40) track events, running and hurdles (15.15) athletes are awarded medals during ceremony, shot of flags being hoisted (16.01) shot of official painting single white line on field (16.26) race underway (16.59) shot of scoreboard for the Decathlon (17.14) marathon winners come in to run home straight (18.08) closing ceremony, competing teams line up behind flags and march through stadium (19.49) The 1956 Olympic race is run. May all who have been present go forth to their homelands, and may the Olympic spirit go with them (20.01) THE END (20.09)