Bottles of Dewar’s whisky head along the production line to be filled, labelled and boxed. (clip)

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Title: DEWAR STORY, the

Reference number: 3665

Date: 1974*

Director: d. John Burder

Sponsor: John Dewar & Sons

Production company: Sorel Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.09 mins

Description: A promotional film for Dewars Whisky, covering the history of the company from small beginnings through to the international distribution of the blend.

Credits: nar. Gordon Jackson
ph. Alistair Cameron
sd. Chris Wilson, Peter Rann

Shotlist: John Dewar & Sons Present (0.04) pan down building and into entrance (0.17) scene with two people entering the building ( .24) shot where man turns to telephone (0.31) man and woman sitting in an antique filled room THE DEWAR STORY PRODUCED BY SOREL FILMS (0.49) c/u between man and woman (1.35) c/u of portrait of a Highlander (1.40) l/s of room (1.43)c/u shot of man standing (1.54) l/s of room then zoom in on the bottle of Dewars whisky (2.14) trees and a small boy climbing over a gate (2.32) boy running across a field (2.34) c/u and zoom out of an illustrated picture of Perth(2.40) illustrated picture of John Dewar ((2.45) illustrated picture of the first shop Dewar opened in Perth ((2.50) photograph of men bottling whisky (2.59) illustrated picture of John Dewar (3.08) illustration of a the Tay Bridge disaster(3.19) image in need of repair before catalogued view of men working at desks writing in ledgers (3.24) photograph of the distillery workers (3.32) photograph of John Alexander Dewar - son of John Dewar (3.38) painting of Thomas Dewar - younger brother of the above (3.45) action reconstruction of the young Thomas Dewar at a railway station ((3.55) railway guard waving a flag and blowing his whistle (4.01) steam train pulling away from the station (4.26) int train with 'Thomas Dewar' (4.31) visuals of various advertising posters used by the company (4.50) various medals won by the company from 1886 - 1897, includes royal warrant awarded by Queen Victoria (5.06) zoom in on a book written by Thomas Dewar about his travels - cover has a sailing ship on it (5.11) medals given to overseas distributors (5.17) photograph of Dewars company abroad (5.23) archive footage of Queen Victorias Jubilee (5.33) zoom out of distillery at Aberfeldy (5.45) bottles going through the factory floor (5.58) c/u on labels going on the bottles (5.58) women packing bottles (6.04) c/u on Dewars 'White Label' whisky (6.10) miniature bottles being packed(6.16) c/u on larger bottles going through the machinery (6.20) factory floor and bottles on conveyer belts (6.35) rows of whisky bottles with glasses in front of them and c/u on some of the glasses (6.44) man who blends the whisky together (6.53) shot of him sampling and smelling the whisky (6.59) man swilling the whisky in the glass an splashing it on the floor (7.14) gvs of the large barrels full of whisky in the warehouse (7.30) man moving the barrels and tipping the contents into a pipe to be blended (7.35) whisky flowing out of a large pipe (7.38) two more barrels being poured into a pipe (7.42) whisky moving through a pipe and back to the barrels being tipped out - repeated several times (7.55) barrels being filled with blended whisky, c/u on the barrel slightly overflowing before the pipe is transferred to the next barrel (8.12) barrel being rolled into the warehouse (8.31) the barrels being made (9.12) mixing pipe and barrels being rolled (9.24) c/u on two women making the packing boxes (9.38) factory floor with women making the boxes (9.42) woman stapling the boxes together (9.45) boxes being placed on a conveyer belt - shots repeated several times (9.53) various sized bottles being placed on a conveyer belt to be washed (10.00) bottles in the machine - shot repeated (10.09) clean bottles being mechanically loaded onto another section of the process (10.13) the outside pipe full of whisky going from one building to another (10.19) the pipe inside and water being added to the blend (10.35) unit that measures how much water goes into the blend ((10.39)c/u of water flowing out of a small pipe, to shot of the loch it came from (10.54) c/u on bottles being filled with whisky (11.10) c/u on the bottles being topped (11.14) the topped bottles moving through the machinery to be labelled (11.32) woman watching the bottles spin to see if they are sealed correctly (11.37) the whisky moving through the machine and being hand & mechanically packed (11.54) a fork-lift truck moving the boxes (12.00) c/u on a bottle of whisky with a glass below receiving a measure (12.04) zoom out to show pub scene and two happy customers (12.10) woman playing tennis (12.14) poster of a man in full Scots dress with a tennis racket behind him (12.17) Gvs of men playing bowls (12.22) gvs of a man playing golf (12.25) gvs of a Japanese calander made by Dewars(12.29) gvs of an old pub bar with two bottles of Dewars whisky on it, c/u of bottles (12.48) zoom out to scene with characters at the beginning of the film, man pouring out some whisky (13.25) gvs of the whisky being blended from initial taste, to physically moving the barrels, and filling them(12.44) Narrator Gordon Jackson gvs of the bottles going through the machinery (13.52) Camera Alistair Cameron women packing bottles (13.59) Sound Chris Wilson, Peter Rann gvs of the bottles moving through the machinery (14.06) Director John Burder (14.09)