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Reference number: 3576

Date: 1937c

Director: [filmed by William Kirkness]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.09 mins

Description: Amateur footage excavation work at the prehistoric site on Papa Westray, Orkney.

Shotlist: gvs rocky shoreline (0.14) [film spliced upside down until] (0.29) gvs site at Hower (1.07) shot of man carrying wood on wheelbarrow towards site (1.27) man looking round site, shots of man digging, excavation tools on wheelbarrow (2.17) gvs site area (2.31) brief shot men loading sea water into barrels onto horse and cart (2.39) woman walking on rocky shore (3.45) two men and Mr Traill outside house, two young men set off, shots of them then meeting Traill [shot out of sequence] (4.54) shots of site at Hower with c/u of stonework etc. (8.33) [next sequence spliced upside down, showing Traill and two men, [very brief] (8.44) Traill showing plan of site to two men (10.41) [sequence continues upside down to (10.45) shots of the site with c/u of structure (13.31) woman and two men looking at site with c/u of structure (16.09)