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  • Aberdeenshire
  • Angus


  • Fish and fishing
  • Ships and shipping


  • Amateur


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 3546

Date: 1949, May

Director: filmed by J. E. Duncan, W. Simpson

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.58 mins

Description: Fishing and shipbuilding in the ports of North East Scotland.

The Edinburgh Roperie & Sailcloth Col. Ltd [part of British Ropes Co.] was based in Leith. The Company moved to London in 1960. Company made a number of films featuring their manufactured rope, eg for whaling, trawling and aircraft (as thin rope mesh to act as an extra braking mechanism). Refs. 3537-3549.

See also refs. 3537, 3539, 3540, 3541, 3543, 3545, 3549.

Shotlist: title and credits (0.06) shots of Queen Margaret ferry coming into South (?) Queensferry and passengers and vehicles disembarking 0(.27) c/u of coils of rope [brief] and shots of vehicles driving onto ferry, brief shot of Rail Bridge and shots of ferry on crossing Forth with shot of naval and other vessels on Forth (0.58) car driving off ferry, shots of steam train in f/g with naval vessel in dock in b/g (1.18) Offices of British Aluminium Co., Burntisland. Burntisland shipyard and Mr. Jackson of Pearson and Jackson, Burntisland (1.29) brief shot of ext. of offices, shots of vessels in dock and ext. premises of Pearson and Jackson (1.48) J.M. Millar and Sons Ltd., Boat Builders, St. Monance brief shot men at work on a boat (2.06) Pittenweem Fishermens Association Tarring Ropes and Unloading Fish brief shot of same (2.22) Caledon Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Dundee. Launch of the "Wanstead" and Iron Squad at Work int. three men holding bottles of wine beside tables laid for a celebration meal (3.01) shots of vessel the "Wanstead" on slipway, shots of shipworkers and of launch party, launching ceremony and ship going down slipway [slightly overexposed] (3.53) shots of shipyard workers moving strips of steel (4.38) J.T. Inglis & Sons Ltd., Dundee very brief shot man standing outside gate to company waving to camera (4.36) Anderson & Chalmers Limited, Arbroath shot inside A & C works, man holding carton marked "Anderson & Chalmers Ltd. St. Rollox Works, Arbroath", shot of women at machinery, man at desk [MD?] (5.07) Montrose Rope & Sail Col., Mr. Paton, his sons and Miss Paton shot of same standing outside works holding a piece of rope (5.27) shots of men mending fishing nets (5.42) Joseph Johnstone and Sons Ltd., Montrose, Salmon Fishers shots of men holding up salmon catch (6.08) shots of men on rowing boat salmon fishing (6.47) Marshall College, Aberdeen brief shots of street traffic and ext. Marischal College (7.04) North Sea Stores. Mr. Hensell and Staff shots of same and of steam fishing boats in harbour and of fishing catch being unloaded to fish market (7.47) Great Grimsby Coal, Salt and Tanning Co. shots of staff standing outside premises and shots inside showing women weaving rope (8.28) brief shot of women in office (8.36) shots of naval vessel " Samuel B Roberts" (8.57) Fraserburgh. Boatbuilding, the Harbour and Drifters Going Out for Herring shots of same [slightly overexposed] (9.25) ext. of Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd. (9.34) Cullen Hopeman Harbour Lossiemouth Harbour and Shore shot of boat under construction, shots of fishing boats in harbour (10.05) Buckie. Mr. Logie of Logie Bros. and Landing Fish from Danish Boat ext. of Logie Bros. with two men shaking hands (10.21) catch being landed (10.39) Mr. Smith and Staff - Buckie staff unwinding a coil of rope (10.56) The End (10.58)