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Reference number: 3429

Date: 1962c

Production company: [ SEFA (Glasgow Group)]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.19 mins

Description: History and development of the tram car in Glasgow from the late 19th century to the trams final days in 1962.

Credits: camera Robert Horn, Louise Annand & Group Members
sc. and ed. Louise Annand, William Thomson, & Robert Horn
lettering Donald Fleck & George Stevenson

Shotlist: Intertitles describing the history of the Tramcar in Glasgow accompanied with still photographs showing tramcars(0.28) int shots of Pinkston Power Station(0.45) continuing intertitles describing the development of the tramcars interspersed with brief shots of footage of the trams on the streets and in the repair yard(1.46) busy street scenes with people boarding trams with a brief shot of an unidentified football match followed by supporters getting on trams (even when moving) and the trams themselves being surrounded by a sea of football supporters[possibly 1920s or 1930s footage](2.41) Breakdowns are rare this is how they are handled shots of a tramcar breaking down, with one of the over head wires snapping, recovery vehicle arrives and fixes the wire, first removing the electricity supply, using the telephone in the junction box to inform the central controller (5.55) shots of the 1938 Coronation model of tramcar moving onto a tracking shot from the tramcar on a private tramway track(6.49) 1946 Cunarder model, shots of this type of tram in the street(7.24) shots of the Corporation workshops with workers going about their duties(8.32) tracking shot from a tram from Partick into the centre of the town[late 1950s early 1960s](9.13) shots of trams in fog, rain and night conditions(10.42) shots of welders and labourers dismantling tram lines(11.54) shots of the 1962 farewell procession, tracking shot from a tramcar (13.59) shots of trams being broken up in the workshop then transported to a waste site then set on fire(15.11) e.c.s.(15.19).