GIVING VOICE: A Writer in the Classroom

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Title: GIVING VOICE: A Writer in the Classroom

Reference number: 3269

Date: 1976

Director: d. Douglas Eadie

Sponsor: Scottish Arts Council in association with Films of Scotland

Production company: Breck Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.08 mins

Description: Poet and playwright Donald Campbell giving poetry workshops at Broughton High School, Edinburgh.

Obituaries for Donald Campbell can be found here :
[last accessed 10/11/2023]

Credits: introd. comm. David Peate
rehearsal actors "The Stronghold" Roy Hanlon, Ron Marshall
ass. d. Steve Clark-Hall
ass. cam. Jan Pester
ass. sd. Pete Moran
ass. ed. Fiona Macdonald
cam. Eddie McConnell
sd. Ian Leslie
ed. Brian Crumlish

Shotlist: shot of boy fishing on riverbank (.31) brief shot schoolchildren walking across school yard (.41) shot of schoolchildren outside (title overlay) (.50) shots inside classroom of 3rd year English class in an Edinburgh comprehensive school (2.00) shots of poet Donald Campbell walking towards outside of Broughton High School (2.21) ints. of classroom with Donald Campbell talking to class about the art of poetry (4.45) shots of Donald Campbell and actors in rehearsal for one of his plays (6.24) Donald Campbell running a poetry workshop in the classroom (9.56) young boy working at petrol station filling car with petrol (10.22) two schoolgirls practising singing a folk song with accompanying fiddle in their home (11.07) Donald Campbell running poetry workshop in classroom with English teacher coming in to see how the pupils' work is progressing (13.42) Donald Campbell walking down stone steps in Edinburgh (14.09) poetry workshop (16.09) kids coming out of school and shot of kids at work in workshop (16.52) shots of Edinburgh streets to background of pupil's voices reading their poetry (17.34) pupils in workshop (18.31) ecs (19.08)