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Reference number: 3151

Date: 1935 / 1952 - 1954c

Director: [attributed to Alec Lowe, Reid (?)]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 41.00 mins

Description: The procession of the Riding of the Marches Festival, Fishermen's Walk and the crowning of the Gala Queen, Musselburgh.

Shotlist: [b/w] [1935] Procession for Riding of the Marches festival - riders on horses, waiting on country road; brief shot of Turf Cutter, Robert Fairnie (0.38) gvs series of floats including Brunton's and other local industries, people in fancy dress costume; brass band, pipe band on country road (2.40) shots of procession in town with shop fronts decorated in bunting and onlookers (4.45) shots of people filming from the crowd, one man seated on a step ladder (4.53) c/u marching policemen (4.58) ms military brass band, drummer wearing white bearskin cap in f/ground (5.16) c/u participants riding past, Provost and council members in open carriages (5.41) c/u floats showing miners, fisherwives, Musselburgh News etc.; flute band followed by members of Ladies' Orange Order?; Fire Brigade; Boy's Brigade pipe band; Life Boys (8.14) fancy dress (8.22) [col] exts. ceremony of crowning of Sea Queen Rena Ward, attended by Champion Archie Millar, Maid of Honour Margaret Penman, Herald James Naysmith, June 1952 (11.46) c/u Queen Rena and her attendants on platform (12.25) children in park for special gala (?) picnic; gvs children smiling at camera, adults handing out treats (15.27) ls older women examine clothing (15.41) gvs Fishermen's Walk in Musselburgh; ms group of older men in dark clothing before the walk, one carrying an infant; gvs procession through streets led by men and boys wearing rosettes, carrying banners; followed by women and girls dressed as fisherwives and a pipe band (16.58) pan over mixed group from the walk seated at trestle tables in the park, still in costume (17.12) older woman arranging toddler's headscarf, as the child is held up by older man; c/u children dressed as fisherman and fisherwife, holding hands (17.31) c/u various individuals; ls women lead children in a circular dance; adults in a reel; man in white hat watching is Mr Lyon, Minister of Coast Mission, Fisherrow [shots overexposed in places] (18.40) brief shot four women, two wearing medals; shot of stand reading "Queen Marion June 1953 Ward IV" and shots of people gathering to watch ceremony (19.16) gvs just before start; flower girls standing before platform; organist arranging his music; people take their seats (19.37) c/u bugler; close pan over group of small flower girls (19.53) gvs ceremony [shaky shots]; ushers Archie Millar and James Naysmith help Queen Marion and attendants up steps; unid. female crowns 'Queen Marion'; previous Queen presents flowers; brief shot platform group (24.51) footage of crowning ceremony of "Queen May"; unid. female dignitary crowns gala queen; previous queen presents a bouquet of flowers [windy and overcast] (28.39) [Kodachrome] procession of children following "Queen May" crossing street in Musselburgh (brief shot of tram in background) (29.39) ls children running races (30.05) pan over group of children eating pies on grass; adults handing out pies to the children (31.37) pan over group of men, one eating a pie (31.59) ms women picking up shell-shaped meringues; c/u's children eating intercut with shots of organisers (32.37) gvs people heading out on excursion on fishing boats; tracking shots women waving from boat (31.58) ls Inchkeith; c/u of children on boat "Rose Valley" and of Forth Rail Bridge (some slightly out of focus) (35.51) c/u of people on boat (26.03) shot of large fishing vessel passing (36.39) excursionists arriving back on fishing boats into harbour [Grangemouth?] (37.27) shot of lock gates closing; gate opening; fishing boats on canal with shots of people on board June Rose (40.01) c/u of wedding party outside church, marriage of Hibernian player Willie Ormond [dark] (40.53) brief shot Bridge Street? (40.58)