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Reference number: 3070

Date: 1975

Director: d. Oliver Hassencamp

Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Production company: Bayerischer Rundfunk and Films of Scotland

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 42.25 mins

Description: A co-production describing the twin cities of Munich and Edinburgh, highlighting their differences and similarities. (43 mins)

Credits: ass. p. Kurt Hoffman
camera Anders Lembcke & Hartmut Gossel
sc. Oliver Hassencamp

Shotlist: [No credits] shots of a Scottish pipe band in Edinburgh and a Bavarian brass band in Munich playing and marching with c/u of respective regalia (1.36) shots of the skyline of the two cities and gvs their streets with traffic (trams in Munich), and of buildings and monuments and people (3.56) a beer festival (4.24) shot of down-and-outs in Edinburgh's Grassmarket (4.32) c/u sausages being cooked (4.37) stands at the Royal Highland Show (5.02) c/u of lion statues and the Lion Rampant (5.26) panning shots of Bavarian and Scottish hillsides and landscape (7.00) boats on a German lake and a steamer on a Scottish loch (7.15) gvs landscape of two countries (7.35) c/u of people at the Highland Show and of people at the Beer Fest (8.32) shots inside a Scottish pub/bar where people are drinking and listening to a piper playing at a ceilidh (9.28) inside a Bavarian restaurant with people eating and drinking beer and listening to a band (10.10) inside pub and shots of ceilidh with people drinking and listening to the music of a fiddler and then to [David Solley] singing a song in Gaelic (11.19) c/u of men at ceilidh drinking (11.38) c/u two women in Bavarian national dress singing (12.11) shots of families in Bavarian restaurant listening to music of a guitarist (13.14) people on Princes Street with ext. of "Tartan Gift Shop" (13.22) ints. of shop with man in kilt selling the different tartans and highland dress pointing out all the accessories necessary (17.30) int. of similar shop in Munich selling traditional dress (20.17) ints. tartan shop and Bavarian shop intercut; Scottish salesman makes a toast with whisky; Bavarian salesman takes snuff from a bottle, then brushes his nose with a feather (?) (22.50) shot of salesmen at Glasgow Sunday market intercut with similar market stalls in Munich (24.15) brief shot ext. tenement in Glasgow with children playing on swings beside it (24.21) shots of people shopping at the "Barras" in Glasgow (24.41) people shopping at an open-air market in Munich (25.10) market salesmen at the "Barras" intercut with salesmen in market in Munich (25.31) people sunbathing and strolling in a park in Munich (27.22) aerial shot of Princes Street from the Castle and of Princes Street Gardens (27.34) people sunbathing in Princes Street Gardens (28.40) models of the Loch Ness Monster and the Bavarian Wolpertinger (29.11) shots of Virginia Maclean cooking with c/u of cover of her book "Much Entertainment" (29.33) shot of Bavarian cook in her hotel kitchen (30.20) Virginia Maclean demonstrating the cooking of a haggis (30.49) a table laden with traditional Bavarian food (31.40) Virginia Maclean with a table of traditional Scottish food (32.44) brief shot man in kilt dancing Bavarian dance and shots of Scottish country dancing outdoors (33.45) traditional Bavarian dance (35.39) c/u of down-and-outs in Edinburgh (36.48) shots of competitors at a Highland Games - throwing the hammer, throwing the weight and tossing the caber (37.47) traditional wrestling matches in Bavaria (38.39) c/u women playing the pipes (38.47) men tossing the caber (39.26) weight lifting in Bavaria and beer drinking (40.17) a Scot and Bavarian comparing traditional dress (41.06) pipe bands intercut with brass bands (as beginning) (42.25)