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Title: BOAT, the

Reference number: 3067

Date: 1975

Director: w. & d. Laurence Henson

Sponsor: Films of Scotland

Production company: IFA (Scotland)

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Certificate: U

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 19.00 mins

Description: A light-hearted comedy about a man who inherits a cabin cruiser and the misadventures he encounters. Featuring Chic Murray.

Credits: ph. Eddie McConnell; additional ph. Mark Littlewood, David Peat
sd. Cyril McConnell
outline treatment Laurence Henson, Cliff Hanley, Joanne McNeill
m. composed by Bobby Wishart
m.p.s. Bobby Wishart Circle
ass. d. Brian Lawrence
unit man. Joanne McNeill
camera ass. Gordon Hickie, Pete Warrilow
boatmen David Murray, Rikki Hepburn
featuring Chic Murray with Roy Boutcher, Walter Carr, Chris Connor, Wilma Duncan, Carol Ann Dunigan, Jackie Farrell, Margot Gillies, Jimmy Kennedy, Jane Lyall, Gordon Menzies, Campbell Morrison, John Mulvaney, Tony Roper, Robin Watson, Maeve Watt
thanks are due to Loch Lomond Amateur Rowing Club and Leven Cruising Club

Shotlist: British Board of Film Censors U Certificate (0.07) United Artists logo (0.34) Title and ocs superimposed on pan over Loch Lomond (0.57) filmed at Balloch - man checks the name of his boat in a letter of inheritance; he asks directions from young women carrying oars (1.38) group of young people board a boat; ints man in a boating supplies shop intercut with women walking canoe into the water (2.24) man asks the shopkeeper about his boat "Periwinkle" (3.08) men lifting timber planks (51.19) m/s man looking at outboard motor; inheritor looking for Periwinkle, accidentally undoes the mooring (3.54) man wanders around rows of boat in the water and out of it; he trips over a rope tied to a tarp, uncovering a young couple in a boat (5.19) gvs man finds a dilapidated boat called Periwinkle (5.39) sitting in the boat the inheritor finds materials for a "For Sale" sign (6.27) smartly dressed man walks off his boat, stands by Periwinkle to use his binoculars; shots of bunnet wearing inheritor making his sign intercut with man in cravat and the mooring rope sliding loose; man floats away, painting the other's white shoes black, absorbed in making his sign (7.37) gvs boat floating away, man notices the boat is adrift and stands up to attract attention; he picks up a hook which gets stuck over the side; then looks for an anchor; throwing it too far it overturns a boat, exposing another smooching couple (9.20) gvs waiter serves wine to a man sitting by the water; angler lies in a boat drinking whisky from the bottle and drops it into the water (9.47) young man by waterside hides wine behind his back as he welcomes his female guest; c/u hook hanging from Periwinkle picking up wine bottle by its decorative ribbon; gvs young man trying to explain; m/s bottle being picked up by drunken angler downstream (10.46) man tries to get into inflatable dingy but finds it unusable; tracking shot of moored boats at dusk (12.12) ints. Periwinkle; man finds a book of "Periwinkle Procedures"; intercut with shots of boat flooding (13.56) exts. night m/s man operates the bilge pump (14.23) man sleeps restlessly; exts. rain falls on the river (15.25) man wakes up holding a chamber pot; looking through a window he sees three young people on another boat dancing to guitar; on the other side another boat (16.18) gvs man now operating boat, wearing his uncles' captain's hat; putting up a red ensign, the anchor is knocked over; elevated shot boat trailing a chain of captured rowing boats; shots of couple in last boat kicking up their legs (18.27) ecs (19.00)