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  • Shetland Islands


  • Ships and shipping
  • Transport


  • Documentary
  • Women film makers


  • GILBERTSON, Jenny Isabel (nee Brown)


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 3023

Date: 1983

Director: d. Jenny Gilbertson

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.04 mins

Description: Film recalling the Norwegian government's gift of the car ferry 'Rovdehorn' to Shetland and historical links formed between Shetland and Norway during World War II. [Re-editing of original black & white footage shot in 1965, with colour prologue. Epilogue recorded in 1988].

Credits: still photos Dennis Coutts
fiddle music Tom Anderson
ed. David Garner
p. Jenny Gilbertson
Acknowledgement to Shetland Islands Council

Shotlist: Col Prologue. (0.20) JG to camera on geography of Shetland and its links with Norway. History of WW II links. Explanation of Norwegian govt's gesture of thanks to Shetlands by sending them a small car ferry in 1965 to replace the former ferry Earl of Zetland (Title) (1.57); [B & W] Ferry 'Rovdehorn' arrives beside escort vessel HORTEN; men examine the ferry in Lerwick harbour (3.01) Locals & Norwegian Officers on board. (3.19) Visit to Whalsay, and Mid Yell; tracking shot of Lerwick as the ferry leaves; pilot boat meets the ferry; gvs coast of Whalsay (4.44) reaction of Whalsay locals, adults and children as ferry stops at pier. (6.35) tracking shots of Yell from the ferry; ms passengers on deck; tracking shot arrival at peir; ms gang board being set up; people climb on the ferry and look around; bell is rung and visitors disembark (9.14) The ease of loading vehicles is demonstrated (12.28); [Col] epilogue. JG to camera. Soon after the visit the Island Authority decided to adopt this kind of ferry (13.04)