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Reference number: 2781

Date: 1961

Director: [filmed by David Gordon, Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19 mins

Description: Record of various activities involved in the running of Haddo Estate, including the maintenance of Haddo House, its outbuildings and agricultural activities on the estate farmlands throughout the year. [See also refs. 2731, 2732, 2780, 2782, 2783, 2784, 2786].

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from timecoded VHS copy]
Reel 1

No credits. estate workers building a new out building; using a tall ladder to reach the third floor windows; shot of worker cleaning from inside room (1.11) gvs Coal delivery (1.33) workers clearing a drainage ditch (?) (1.38) workers painting chicken houses with tar; pigs and piglets also visible (2.06) bonfire at night (4.13) pan over field of sheep, towards obelisk (2.24) laying lime on field (2.58) felling a tree (3.24) repairing fencing (3.37) workers remove large stones from a bare field (4.19) gvs workers; making a new fence using chicken wire (4.47) 'tattie howking'; potatoes are lifted onto a conveyer, and loaded into sacks which are weighed and sewn up (6.07) Hunting party prepares for day's shoot. (6.50) Tattie pickers; potatoes are checked on a conveyer and bagged (7.58) Sheep and lambs; hens; feeding the sheep and chickens (8.28) Constructing roof of outhouse with sheets of corrugated iron, using an improvised pulley; ints. outhouse (9.53) cottage and small garden, covered in honeysuckle (10.01)

Reel 2

Harvesting by machine (0.14) rounding up a dairy herd (0.36) chicken houses, hens; ploughing (1.20) cutting grass for silage; shots tractor disengaging from mower, and reconnecting to the cart, holding collected grass; second tractor leaving with mower and empty cart; emptying the cart (2.32) children run out to lorry parked on field stubble, and climb up; gvs two harvesters working on one field; ls three harvesters (3.18) emptying grain into lorry, children looking on; lorry leaves (3.40) gardening (3.45) stacking hay bales onto a cart, using a machine like a fork lift; man reversing hay cart into a barn (4.33) baling hay (4.50) pan over formal garden (5.11) lifting hay bales onto a tractor-drawn cart; baling using an automatic Jones baler (5.50) men sunbathing on a slope; brief shot two terriers (6.07) Men using axes and chainsaws to strip and dismantle a felled tree (6.41) man checking a tyre for leaks in the fountain; mowing the lawn, using a rope to maintain the line on a curved sloping section (7.15) men moving and lowering a cannon from the back of a lorry; men place the cannon onto stone blocks on the lawn; men pose behind the cannon in a group, each holding a glass of beer (8.30) group of men seated and standing, having lunch by a field; brief shot Fresian calves (8.54) men working in the garden (9.11)