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Reference number: 2650

Date: 1962*

Director: filmed by Ronald Miller

Production company: [ Clansman Films]

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 33.43 mins

Description: Shots of the stations and scenery along the "Highland Line" from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh. [unfinished production?]

Shotlist: [REEL I]
title and credit (0.34) -blank- (0.36) train arrives at unidentified rural station, mail is swopped as train passes, passengers standing with luggage on platform (1.09) woman and baby stand in front of sign 'Kyle of Lochalsh' station (1.13) ferry 'Loch Seaforth' making its way across water, shots of cargo on deck, passengers looking over side of ferry (1.57) m/s harbour with boats (2.03) buses bound for Dunvegan and Portree - c/u of the destination boards (2.10) The End (2.24) shot of Kyleakin ferry as vehicles board, buses await on slipway (2.44) gvs Corrieshalloch Gorge (3.43) 134ft

[REEL 2]
[no credits] Kilmorack hydro-electric power station under construction, bricklayers finishing off stone wall (0.58) view over bay, ferries (1.13) shot of dog sitting in field (1.21) 'Portree' ferry crossing water and approaching land. Cars unloading (2.12) river and landscape (2.47) train line on coast and pan left to show Kilmorack power station. gvs sheep in field (3.14) river scenery, gvs moorland and forestry at Achnashellach (4.13) rhodedendrons and views over bay, gvs scenery (4.45) village of Lochcarron with whitewashed cottages on main street (5.05) scenics of mountains, flowers, river and etc (6.07) bay in calm water, two figures can be seen. c/u flowers gvs scenics on a calm, sunny day (7.27) two sheep running along a rural road (7.30) river babbling c/u rhodedendrons and yellow broom in flower (9.05) very brief shot of train passing along coastal line (9.11) highland cattle resting in shade of tree; woman walking through trees; further scenics flowers in c/u (12.19) 443ft

[REELS 3 - 4]
[no credits] Shots of train at Inverness station with passengers and mail being loaded (red Royal Mail vans in shot) The train is bound for Kyle of Lochalsh. Shunting and then train leaves (2.15) two ladies board train and the signal man waves green flag to send it off (2.39) Shots of train in motion, views from moving train and then at Dingwall station (3.42) scenics as train moves along, c/u signs of stations at Garve, Lochluichart, Achnashellach (4.05) brief ints train cabin as women look out at passing scenery (4.19) shots of and from train in motion as it speeds past Strathcarron and Stromeferry (5.01) aproach to and arrival at Kyle of Lochalsh station, people on the platform (5.33) ints train drivers cabin (5.47) gvs the railway line and the country alongside it as train heads back east (7.43) shots of car and caravan being manoeuvred onto Strome Castle ferry (9.12) ruins of 'Strome Castle', owned by the National Trust for Scotland (9.54) several shots of scenery along the rail (10.59) at Garve Station, drivers exchange token with guard (12.09) gvs scenics along railway line (13.48) c/u rhodedendrons. shot overlooking railway line as train passes below (14.07) moving shot taken alongside train as it hurtles along track (14.55) [underexposed] ints signal room with c/u signal 'Dingwall North' (15.19) [exposure rectifies] brief shots ints signal room intercut with exts Garve station as stationmaster prepares signals and token to be exchanged with incoming driver. Guard prepares signals and points for approaching train (16.50) at Kyle of Lochalsh Station driver collects token, points changed, engine turned by turn-table and coupled up to carriages (19.00) gvs scenery (19.20) driver collects token at Garve Station. Ints signal room - shots of train passing through Garve Station (20.51) Gvs along line, a sheep running along it (21.44) 782ft