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Reference number: 2213

Date: 1968

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Inverness and Loch Ness Tourist Association

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.44 mins

Description: Inverness as a focal point for Highland life past and present: from St.Columba and King Bruce to the Loch Ness Monster and the World Pipe Band Championships.

Paper archive file

Credits: based on an idea by Neil M. Gunn
nar. Bryden Murdoch
m. George MacPherson
ph. Mark Littlewood
sd. rec. Brian Henniker
p. Alan Harper

Shotlist: Credits (.20) painting of rocky cove (.40) gvs Loch Ness and surrounding countryside (1.42) general shots of a wood (2.02) c/u standing stones (2.21) gvs ext. Cawdor Castle (2.46) gvs ext. Abertarff House (3.01) c/u plaque mentioning 17th century provost of Inverness Alexander Dunbar (3.05) c/u window on roof of Abertarff House (3.09) illustrated views of Inverness in the 17th century (3.31) ext. Culloden House (3.39) illustration of battle at Culloden (3.44) gvs trees at site of battle at Culloden (3.51) c/u stone commemorating the battle and tilting shot of monument (4.03) medium shot of the monument and two gravestones (4.06) c/u stone inscription at the well of the Dead (4.10) c/u water in the well (4.14) shots of the clootie (?) well (4.27) ext. Jacobite Museum at Culloden (4.31) gvs Culloden moor (4.42) general shots of Flora MacDonald's statue (4.49) shots of bridges built by General Wade (5.30) gvs ext. Fort George (6.00) shots of vessel and loch control building at Dochgarroch dock on the Caledonian Canal (6.30) shots of large boat passing through Muri Town; shots of large boat called the "Enfield" (7.05) l/s village of Clachnaharry (?) (7.10) landscape with loch and the hills of Ross-shire in the background (7.26) gvs Inverness with River Ness (7.52) shots of people, the River Ness and Inverness Castle (8.00) ext. shot Inverness High Kirk (8.03) tilting shot of the steeple (8.10) pan shot of bridge crossing the River Ness (8.16) tracking shot of man in kilt walking across bridge (8.20) general shots of people fishing in river (8.32) ext. tracking shot of the Episcopal Cathedral of the North (8.40) pan shot of Inverness town hall (8.47) general street scenes in Inverness (9.10) ext. Inverness railway station with statue of kilted soldier in the foreground (9.16) int. shots of people on train (9.29) long shot of railway viaduct (9.37) tracking shot of Inverness bus depot (9.51) shots of scientists looking for the Loch Ness monster with binoculars and 35mm film cameras; shot of cameramen at Newman - Sinclair camera belonging to the Loch Ness investigation team the 'surgeons photograph' of the monster is briefly included (10.31) medium shot and l/s of Castle Urquhart (10.42) int. and ext. shot of Fort Augustus monastery (11.02) shots of the monks; shots of the monastry pupils swimming, sailing and canoeing (11.33) ext. shot of Fort Augustus monastery pans to Loch Ness (11.46) high l/s of Fort Augustus (11.52) general shots of Glen Affric (12.09) ext. shots of the Glen Afric Hydro-Electric scheme (12.27) l/s and medium shot of Tomatin (12.33) ext. shots of workers rolling barrels at Tomatin distillery (12.47) whisky tasters sampling blends (13.08) ext. shots of Leys Castle (13.17) highland cattle roaming in the grounds of Castle Leys (13.50) shots of people and black angus and hereford cattle at Inverness cattle market (14.30) general shots of the Northern counties show, Inverness; various animals are shown; farm, domestic and pets (15.24) contestants from the World Pipe Band Championships walk through the streets of Inverness in full regalia (15.59) pipe bands, including the City of Toronto Pipe Band march and play through the street of Inverness (16.32) c/u of banner fluttering at the gathering of the Cross (16.52) general shot of the gathering of the clans; various clan tents; highland dancing; shots of the crowds and the competitors in the Pipe Band championships (19.17) ecs (19.44)