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Title: dunfermline

Reference number: 2267

Date: 1974

Director: d. Mike Alexander

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Royal Burgh of dunfermline

Production company: Pelicula Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.45 mins

Description: The town of dunfermline, its past and present. Film includes brief shots of frigate sailing up the Forth and of USS aircraft carrier moored.

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Credits: ph. Mark Littlewood
comm. w. Don White
comm. s. John Bett
ed. Margaret Dickinson
m. composed by Nicky Ash and played by Rodeo, also featuring the pop group, Nazareth

Shotlist: Titles (0.04) Gvs dunfermline Abbey, v/o gives historical details (1.13) Inchcolm island at sunset, shots of the Abbey and monastery ruins, v/o gives details (1.35) Ints of the abbey (2.15) Sketch of the port (2.24) Gvs of various landmark sites as v/o gives details (2.45) Gvs various old town buildings (3.21) Man at work on a jacquard loom weaving damask linen (3.56) C/u of finished product (4.15) Ext of the weavers cottage where Andrew Carnegie was born (4.27) Sketches of the town (4.43) Statue of Carnegie (5.00) The public enjoying the sun in Pittencrieff park, v/o gives details of Carnegie Trust (5.51) Children staying in Inverliever Lodge on nature walk along Loch Awe (6.14) Feeding rainbow trout in fish farm (6.35) Fishing on Loch Awe (7.03) L/s of Longannet power station from Kincardine bridge (7.17) l/s of Grangemouth from the bridge (7.22) Gvs of BP works at Grangemouth (8.11) Aerial view of Forth road and railway bridges (8.45) Gvs work at Rosyth (9.11) A frigate sails up the Forth (9.29) The USS John F. Kennedy aircraft carrier lies moored in the Forth (9.39) Overhead view of aircraft onboard ship (10.00) Aerial view of Forth Road Bridge (10.15) Provost of dunfermline and his wife welcoming Nato officers to the burgh chambers for a buffet dinner (10.50) Gvs dunfermline city centre (11.35) Gvs various new industries at work (13.25) The factory workers head home (13.38) A Nazareth gig [1970s Heavy Rock band] (14.24) dunfermline Athletic v. Glasgow Rangers (14.48) Schoolchildren singing (15.00) A rugby match in progress (15.30) A school drama class (15.51) The local brass band playing (16.22) A football game (16.35) Ballet class (17.00) Hockey game (17.05) Choir (17.30) Nazareth footage intercut with a Rangers goal v. dunfermline and the choir (17.59) Playing golf at Pitfirrane on the outskirts of the town (18.25) Dinghy sailing at the ports of Limekilns and Charlestown (18.54) Gvs various landmarks as the evening draws in over the town (19.11) L/s of the town (19.16) Aerial view of the Forth Road bridge (19.22) End (19.45)