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  • Edinburgh
  • Stirlingshire


  • Arts and crafts
  • Celts and celtic culture
  • Leisure and recreation


  • dance
  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • Campbell Harper Productions
  • Films of Scotland Committee
  • HARPER, Alan James
  • MacLEAN, William J. ‘Mac’


  • 1950s

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Title: SCOTLAND danceS

Reference number: 2224

Date: 1957

Director: d. Alan Harper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Country dance Society

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.32 mins

Description: The tradition of Scottish Highland and Country dancing, reflecting some of its world-wide popularity.

Paper Archive file.

Credits: comm. s. Gordon Jackson
"Corn Rigs" sung by Kenneth McKellar
m. Tim Wright and his Orchestra
cam. David Hanley
sd. W.J. MacLean
unit man. R.L. Fairfoull
[Scottish Country dances by the Royal Scottish Country dance Society. Highland Fling by R. Watson, W. Clements, J. Patterson]

Shotlist: Credits (2.10); Shot of forest and hills (0.25); Pan shot of tree tops [refers to the dance "Birks of Invermay] (0.36); A flock of sheep with a river, trees and hills in the background [refers to the dance "Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes"] (0.46); Shots of men and women dancing the "Corn Rigs" among the stocks of hay in a field (1.47); beside the sea, men and women dance the "Hebridean Weaving Lilt" while another man accompanies them with mouth music (2.50); Pan shot of Blair Castle at night (3.00); Internal of Blair castle at night (3.00); Internal of Blair Castle: A display of weapons mounted on a wall (3.06); Portrait of the 7th Duke of Atholl (3.14); Close up of piper playing (3.18); People dance the "Eightsome Reel" in the entrance hall of Blair Castle, accompanied by pipers (3.46); External of George Heriot's school, Edinburgh (3.56); Men and women in 18th century costume dance the "Red House" in the quadrangle of George Heriot's (4.40); External pan of the Palace of Holyrood House with Arthur's Seat in the background, tilts to men and women dancing "The Yellow-haired Laddie", with various shots from different positions (6.05); Long shot of Cape Town and Table Mountain in South Africa as piper walks into the foreground (6.15); Beneath Table Mountain, as a small audience watches eight dancers perform the "Bonnie Anne" and the Strathspey "Glasgow Highlanders" (7.04); another shot of Table Mountain with piper in foreground (7.07); On the lawn of Lauriston Castle a group of dancers dance the Highland Schottische (7.33); Long shot of the same group (7.52); Shots of crowd and dancers in the garden beneath Edinburgh Castle as dozens perform the jig "Lord Rosslynne's Fancy" (8.35); Shot of the dancers tilts up to the castle (8.51); Soldiers march through the courtyard of Stirling Castle (9.03); Soldiers march through a gate at Stirling Castle with shot panning to the Sunken Gardens and men of the Argyll and Southern Highlanders dance the "Reel of the Fifty First Division"; various shots from different angles (10.03); Medium shot of the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, Prince Charles and the Duke of Edinburgh standing in a pavilion at the Braemar Gathering (10.15); A pipe band marching (10.23); Long shot of the royal pavilion pans to two boys dancing the "Highland Fling" (10.33); Long shot of the royal pavilion (10.38); A piper accompanies three men, including Bobby Watson, dancing the "Highland Fling" (11.10); Close up of the piper (11.19); ext of St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh (11.25); Royal Mile, Edinburgh; External of Tolbooth Clock Tower, and sign for Huntly House in the foreground (11.32); Unidentified square with Georgian houses and high building with domed tower (11.37); Scenes from a large ball held in Edinburgh's George Street Assembly Rooms. The name of the dance shown is "Glasgow Highlanders". (13.02); Unidentified square with domed building (13.05); Rear view of a tenement (13.08); External shot of St Giles Cathedral (13.15); ecs (13.32)