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Reference number: 2022

Date: 1953, May 4

Director: p. James Dickson, the National Union of Mineworkers Scottish area.

Sponsor: National Union of Mineworkers

Production company: Campbell Harper Films Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 29.00 mins

Description: The miners' gala day in Edinburgh, with the Scottish Miners Youth contingent, procession and rally, pipe band and sports competitions.

Credits: Gala Day Organiser Alex Moffat
Assistant Gala Day Organiser James Dickson, Scottish E.C. Member

Shotlist: Credits (0.28); shot of coal mine at work (0.42); shots of miners looking at gala day poster (1.08); long shot of Edinburgh. Castle with children playing in foreground (1.28); shots of St Giles Cathedral (1.49); shots of Princes Street Gardens with statue of Sir Walter Scott in background (2.04); shots of gala day procession, with pipe and drums - including the Scottish Miners Youth contingent, who carry anti-Korean war banners and a brass band (4.20); shots of the procession gathered in the grounds, listening to speakers (8.48); RESOLUTION: this demonstration of Scottish Miners condemns the recent budget of the present Government. Further reductions in food subsidies. Greater income tax allowances for the higher incomes, and 250 million pounds relief for the big industrialists of this country can only lead to worsened conditions for the mass of the people, and particularly for low wage earners, old age pensioners, widows, injured and sick persons. This new attack upon living standards will undoubtedly compel the Trade Union November demand increases in wages - and we pledge ourselves to give full support to wage claims within our own industry and to all other Trade Unions demanding increased wages in the near future. Shots of miners cheering the panel (10.14); shots of the crowds at the foot of Arthur's seat and boating on St Margaret's Loch (11.13); shot of couple looking over grounds (11.21); shot of tent for lost children; c/u baby in nursery (11.27); shots of parade of athletes (12.25); shots of brass band (13.08); shots of pipe band competition (14.08); shots of gymnastic demonstration (14.50); shots of married women 100 yards race (15.05); men flat racing (15.57); men bowling; and the prizes (16.43); football Scotland versus Yorkshire (19.25); concert given by Willie Muir and a blind ex-miner Charlie Blythe, followed by the Scottish Comedian Lex MacLean (20.15); beauty competition the Scottish miners coal queen - the winner Miss Frances Rowan from Prestonpans (23.30); shots of exhibition by miners with disabilities, sale of work and beauty queen visiting the ex-miners (24.5); shots of families picnicking on the grass and coming in and out of the cafeteria (25.09); shot of Mr William Pearson the general secretary of Mr Bevan (25.24); shots of the pipe bands coming down to the arena, and the committee presenting the prizes - first one the Glencraig pipe band who walk off with the National Coal Board Shield and the Daily Herald cup for grade one and two - second are Bowhill Colliery. ls pit head (28.50); credits (29.00).