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  • Angus
  • Ayrshire
  • Borders


  • Agriculture
  • Birds
  • Transport


  • Documentary
  • Sponsored


  • Campbell Harper Productions
  • COOPER, Henry
  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2215

Date: 1961

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the National Farmers' Union of Scotland

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.05 mins

Description: The story of the farming year in Scotland, told through the eyes of four farmers in the Highlands, the Borders, Ayrshire and Angus.

First International Festival of Agricultural Films, Berlin, 1960 - The Bronze Ear. International Agricultural Film Festival Bronze Medal, 1960.

Paper archive file.

Credits: treatment Harry Hoggan
ph. Russell Walker
commentary John R. Allan
m. Arthur Blake

Shotlist: Title (.09) snowy and hilly landscapes (.39) sheep grazing (.48) shepherds tend to sheep (1.15) shepherds walk across field (1.27) a group of birds nest in trees (1.37) horses ploughing fields (1.52) tractors working in fields (.227) cattle crossing a shallow river (2.39) shepherd, dog and sheep on a hillside (3.15) two men examine dead lamb (3.31) blood sample is taken from a sheep (3.37) plaque on a building reads: "Animal Diseases Research Association Moredun Institute" (3.41) blood sample is tested in a laboratory (3.53) young lamb is given the coat of a dead lamb and put in with the dead lamb's mother (4.08) trees, flowers and landscapes (4.30) pan shot exterior of plant nursery (4.27) interior of nursery (4.59) shot of farm from hillside (5.06) tractors at work in fields (5.28) cows in a field (5.45) cows are led into a barn and prepared for milking (6.37) woman brings food to calves (6.51) the farmers' family have evening meal (7.25) l/s of milk lorry driving along a road (7.31) milk lorry in farmyard preparing to leave (7.42) tracking shot of cows in a field (7.47) view of a river (7.51) fleet of lorries unloading milk churns at a creamery (8.03) int. dairy - men empty churns into a large container; the milk is processed (8.13) outside dairy milk bottles are loaded onto vans - one van drives off and delivers to a house (8.27) shot of Hannah Institute (?) Ayrshire (8.35) various tests being conducted on types of grass (8.58) hay being gathered by machines (9.11) the hay is delivered and emptied (9.36) various types of trees, flowers and bushes (9.47) potatoes are picked by machine (9.59) potatoes are sorted and packed (10.21) sheep with dog on a hillside (10.25) sheep are dipped, sheared and branded (11.52) various scenes of events at the Royal Highland Show (14.14) Highland landscapes including shot of a rainbow (14.19) a shepherd on his farm with a flock of sheep (15.04) Highland landscape (15.09) various types of cattle grazing (16.04) farmer shows cattle and sheep to a visitor (16.46) pan over a town (16.50) scenes at a sheep market (17.44) wheat is harvested by machine (18.00) two men in a field examine a handful of grain (18.08) plaque on a wall reads: "The Macaulay Institute for Soil Research" (18.12) int. of greenhouse with rows of numbered pots holding samples of grass (18.27) mechanical harvesters at work in fields (19.42) tracking shot of field with haystacks (19.49) shots of people going to church (19.56) int. of church containing farm produce (20.04) autumn scenes of leaves falling (20.17) tractor at work in a field (20.23) highland landscapes (20.36) ecs (21.05)