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Reference number: 2243

Date: 1967

Director: d. Henry Cooper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Esso Petroleum Co. Ltd.

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30 mins

Description: The building of the Tay Road Bridge from the initial stages to the official opening.

Production files

Credits: comm. w. Sinclair Gauldie
comm.s. Tom Fleming
ph. Mark Littlewood, Ian Kennedy
sd. rec. Brian Henniker
m. comp. David Dorward
m. p. Bernicia Ensemble
p. Alan Harper

Shotlist: REEL I
Title (.08) tracking shots of wild geese (.24) aerial shots of the Tay estuary (.46) gvs of Dundee (1.00) shots of old paintings depicting the ferries which used to cross the Tay (1.16) shots of the vehicle ferry "Scotscraig" leaving harbour (1.41) l/s of the Tay rail bridge (1.35) shot of William Fairhurst, designer of the Tay road bridge, playing chess (2.19) tracking shot of section models being discussed by William Fairhurst and master builder Willie Logan (2.46) shots of int. of the planning room (3.12) gvs of Dundee (3.30) sequence showing the former Lord Provost Lord Hughes opening the construction site on 29th March, 1963 (3.57) gvs of King William Dock being filled in and Victoria Arch demolished (4.52) shots of construction work on the approach roads (5.15) shots of start of construction of the temporary work bridge (6.00) positioning of the dams (6.59) shots of deep sea divers going down to inspect same (9.00) shots of concrete being transported onto bridge and emptied into the columns (9.50) shots of towers as they get larger (10.40) gvs of Dundee including shots of the university and St. Mary's Tower (11.51) shots of Sea Gate and West Whale Lane and docks with vessels "Karanphuli" offloading jute (12.30) offloading timber (12.57) gvs of girders being moved to the bridge head where they are welded together (13.45) shots of completed girders being hauled out to the end of the bridge (14.18) aerial shot tracking along the bridge (14.46) shot of bridge span opening up to allow the coaster "Lerwick" through (15.20) aerial shot and gvs of Perth and surroundings (15.56) shots of salmon netting (16.30) tracking shot of raspberry groves and gvs of the Tay Valley (17.05) shots of sugar beet being transported (17.22) shot of River Tay and bridge in winter, covered with snow (17.43) gvs of construction of approach roads and movement of the final long girders into position (18.33) panning shot of Dundee bridge head (18.53) shots on bridge of construction (19.16)

No credits. Shots of bridge builders during break (.36) shots of bridge during stormy weather being inspected by the engineer (1.32) c/u of drawings depicting the Tay rail bridge disaster in 1879 (2.08) shots of Tay rail bridge from the sea and from bank (2.36) shots of workmen preparing aproach road on south side and assembling the walkway section (3.40) aerial tracking shot of bridge, now almost complete (4.09) shot of the last section being moved into position (5.13) shots of asphalters laying the road (5.33) gvs of St. Andrews University (6.01) shot of golfer on course (6.09) gvs of Coupar (6.26) gvs of Falkland Palace (6.40) tracking shot through Arbroath Abbey (7.05) general view of J M Barrie's birthplace (7.21) gvs of Glamis Castle (7.50) shots of the arrival of the Queen Mother in Dundee, welcomed by Lord Provost McManus and the Secretary of State (8.12) inspecting the Black Watch (8.23) Queen Mother talks to designer (8.32) shots of opening ceremony and the royal car driving across the bridge (9.52) ecs (10.17)