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Reference number: 2212

Date: 1966

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and David MacBrayne Ltd.

Production company: Glasgow Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Certificate: U

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 20.00 mins

Description: The story of the car ferries to the Hebrides.

Paper archive file.

Credits: cam. Edward McConnell, Brian Roy
m.composer. Tom Walsh
m. p. The Peggy O'Keefe Quartet
ed. Bill Hunter
comm.w. Edward Boyd
comm.s. Alec Monteath

Shotlist: young woman dancing in a field reflected in the hub cap of a car(.21) title (.23) antique map of the north of Scotland and some of the islands (3.0) gvs coastline (1.12) young woman running about on a beach (1.41) l/s of Oban and harbour (1.48) mini drives onto ferry (1.55) ferry captain on the bridge of his ship (2.01) l/s across the water at Oban Bay (2.07) gvs some crew and a passenger on board the ferry (2.22) tracking l/s Isle of Lismore's lighthouse (.30) St. Andrew's flag fluttering on a pole (2.33) vehicles disembark at Craignure on Mull (2.50) mini drives towards camera, pan shot to island possibly Tobermory (3.01) shot of Tobermory with the Well of Mary pans to the bay with fishing boats (3.22) gvs Mull landscape and seascapes (3.58) l/s of church of St. Columba on Iona (4.04) medium shot of St. Columba's church pans to landscape, seascape, a road and houses (4.19) pan shot of pier and ferry with a car driving on board (4.35) mini drives down country road towards the sea (4.47) pan shot of mini boarding ferry at Mallaig (5.04) shots of a crew member and a passenger on board the ferry (5.23) l/s of ferry on the water (5.30) ferry the "Clansman" approaches harbour at Armadale on Skye (5.41) mini drives off the ferry (5.51) pan shot of bridge and country road with the Cuillin Hills in the background (6.04) gvs the Cuillins with girl in background (6.41) gvs roads, landscape and sea (7.01) l/s pier and ferry at Uig (7.15) shots of young woman walking about on deck of ferry (7.31) l/s of islands (7.35) int. bar and restaurant; passengers eating, and drinking. One shot inserted of young woman looking across water from deck of boat (8.22) views across water from the deck ( 8.26) int. gvs of engine room (8.48) at Lochmaddy a bull walks from the ferry, followed by a mini (9.16) mini drives past thatched cottage (9.31) mini crosses causeway on Benbecula (9.40) l/s pan sea and mountains (9.45) young woman throws stones in the water (9.51) gvs people stacking hay (10.20) pan shot - mini drives along road with water and hills in the background (10.26) mini boards ferry at Lochmaddy (10.39) c/u boat's wake (10.44) young woman looking through binoculars. Views from deck of boat, including shots of seals (11.10) shots of three boys playing tig on small islands (11.44) shot of lighthouse on small island (11.55) l/s of Tarbet on Harris (12.00) gvs ferry docking at Tarbet (12.15) mini drives off ferry at Tarbet (12.21) gvs land and seascape on Harris (12.35) shot of the pier at Rodel (12.41) gvs St. Clement's Church (12.50) c/u inscription on church wall mentioning Catherine Herbert, Countess of Dunmore (12.55) different coloured wools hanging out to dry (13.42) int. shots of wool being warped and woven (14.31) gvs Hebridean beaches (15.14) young woman comes out of small rough stone house and runs along a beach (15.49) view of Loch Seaforth (15.58) int. shot of young woman driving mini (16.05)view of Stornoway from a hillside (16.12) general shots among fishermen and their boats at Stornoway (16.58) young woman feeds fish to seal (17.15) men cutting and stacking peat (17.36) young woman walks along a clifftop with a lighthouse in the background (17.55) water crashing onto rocks (18.00) various shots with young woman in among the standing stones at Callanish (18.42) general land and seascapes (19.29) mini driving along a beach (19.41) ecs (20.06)