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Title: GOOD SERVANT, the

Reference number: 2211

Date: 1958

Director: d. Alan Harper

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society

Production company: Campbell Harper Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.10 mins

Description: The story of the Clydesdale horse, from foal to champion at the Royal Highland Show.

Paper archive file.

Credits: treatment R.J. Urquhart
ph. David Hanley
commentary John R. Allan
m. Arthur Blake
sd. W.J. McLean

Shotlist: credits (.33) general shots of Clydesdale horses pulling ploughs (1.00) men loading hay onto cart which is hitched onto Clydesdale horse (1.11) portrait of Clydesdale horse called Baron of Buchlyvie; portrait of Clydesdale called Dunure Footprint (?); portrait of another Clydesdale (1.35) shots of a Clydesdale called Muirton supreme (2.48) general shots of Clydesdale horses in a field (3.31) general shots of Garron horses on farmland and amid highland scenery, pulling farm machinery and carrying game (4.21) general shots of a Clydesdale in a field (5.02) shots of Clydesdale being fitted and broken in for labour (6.29) shots of a man guiding a Clydesdale horse through a forest - the horse is pulling logs (6.48) gvs of Clydesdale ploughing a field (7.20) int. stables with Clydesdales being mucked out, the horses are groomed and fitted out for work (8.45) ext. the horses are led out of the stables (9.03) the horses drink from a trough (9.33) a Clydesdale is fitted to a cart (10.23) Clydesdales ploughing fields; shots of potatoes being planted (11.36) shots of a field with wheat growing (11.44) general shots of activities in fields during harvest time (11.34) int. blacksmith's shop as new shoe is made and fitted to a Clydesdale horse (14.51) int. of saddler's workshop; man selects leather for new harness (15.19) ext. entrance to the Royal Highland Show (15.26) shots of horses being paraded, groomed and judged at the Royal Highland show (18.13) shot of a horse carrying a man and pack across a stream (18.21) Highland scenery with sheep; Clydesdales ploughing a field (19.00) credits (19.10)