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Reference number: 2208

Date: 1965

Director: d. Gordon Lang

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Shell and BP Scotland

Production company: Random Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 60.00 mins

Description: The construction of the Forth Road Bridge from the initial survey to the official opening.

See Alternative version ref. 2222 CONSTRUCTION OF THE FORTH ROAD BRIDGE

Paper archive file with press cutting from 'Film User'.
Awards: Sixth International Industrial Film Festival, Rouen, 1965 - First Prize, also Critics' Award. Oscar Nomination, 1966.

Credits: investigation Henry Donald
comm. w. Vincent Mulchrone
sd. William S. Bland
cond. Marcus Dods
cam. John Rendall, Tony Chapman, John Buxton
ed. Cyril Roth, Edward Bond, Christine Garner
production Ronald F. Leach, Trevor Trickey p.a. Stephanie Tennant
treat. Warren Tute
comm. s. Alec Clunes
p. Peter Mills

Shotlist: REEL ONE
Time lapse shot of road bridge being built; credits superimposed (2.11) general shots landscape; general shots of eagle (?) in flight and in nest (2.48) gvs bridges and streams, rivers and coastline (4.25) aerial view of Forth Rail Bridge (5.01) old photographs and illustrations of Forth Rail Bridge being built (5.23) shots from window of drivers cab of train crossing the bridge - shots of far end of bridge and overhead girders (5.55) gvs Forth Rail Bridge ferry and vehicles at ferry terminal (6.32) l/s Kincardine Bridge; view on bridge of vehicles moving across (6.40) l/s Forth Rail Bridge (6.54) general shots of surveyor and workmen (7.07) diagram of rock strata under the Forth and its banks (7.38) l/s Forth Rail Bridge (7.46) shots of model of new Forth Road Bridge and landscape surround (8.23) shot of Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco; shot of George Washington Bridge, America; shot of Tacoma Bridge collapsing (9.07) stress and wind tests being carried out on model of Forth Road Bridge; illustration of detail on the new road bridge (10.12) ceremony of sinking the first foundations of the Forth Road Bridge (10.49) gvs earliest production phases (11.11) c/u rough diagram being drawn showing different stages of construction (11.52) shots of general reconstruction (12.53) explanatory diagram showing how the foundations are sunk (13.23) foundations being welded under ground (13.58) welding work being done on structure floating on water (14.15) overhead view of foundations (14.30) scenes of construction work while snow is on ground (15.14) general scenes of construction on the bridge (23.00) gvs of partially completed bridge during fog and frost (23.56) l/s partially completed support frame (24.04) workmen's helmets hanging on hooks (24.08) men throwing stones in water, with Forth Rail Bridge in background (24.14) man fishing from pier with rail bridge in background; men lying on grass (24.26) ext. shot men entering pub (24.34)

Workmen's helmets are lifted from hooks (.08) view from ascending lift on bridge section looking towards grounds (.31) tilt shot from tower of bridge taking in the Forth, the riverbank and the landscape beyond (.43) pan shot across the rail bridge (1.08) general shots of construction work on the road bridge (3.11) man putting at St. Andrews, with buildings in the background (3.15) pan shot of Edinburgh from Calton Hill (3.30) gvs fishing boats and small fishing town (3.46) tracking shot of Highland landscape with loch (3.56) gvs vehicles on highways (4.13) giant transformer being transported by large carrier on road (4.40) gvs factories: Beckman Instruments Ltd. and Hughes International (UK) Ltd (4.46) gvs Glenrothes (5.01) gvs interior various factories (5.15) int. factory cables being laid on bridge (6.54) int. factory cables being manufactured and spun onto drums (7.35) ext. shot cables and winding gear at bridge construction site (7.57) c/u of simple demonstration model showing how cables will be laid (9.04) general shots of cable laying operation; general shots of winding machinery and partially completed bridge (13.43) men tarring road; men working on rubble; mechanical excavators at work (14.05) further shot of cable laying process (15.02) children playing in rubble (15.07) gvs construction work on bridge (15.55) workers having tea break (16.05) rock is dynamited and cleared away by mechanical excavators (16.38) pan landscape and road leading to bridge and construction site (16.51) further shots of cable laying operation (17.44) engineer gauges wind speed with special instrument (17.56) view of uncompleted road bridge with rail bridge in background (18.04) c/u of road bridge on a windy day (18.10) further shots of cable laying (18.44) gvs cables and bridge superstructure (19.15) gvs Forth Rail Bridge and South Queensferry (19.33) general shots of people waiting in queue of cars prior to boarding ferry (20.23) cars begin boarding ferry (20.40) gvs ferrys the "Queen Margaret", the "Mary Queen of Scots", the "Robert the Bruce" and the "Sir William Wallace" (21.04) general shots of construction work on bridge, with some time lapse photography (22.51) shot of steam train coming towards camera fades to diesel train moving away from camera (22.59) shot of small bridge under construction fades to completed bridge with a van passing over (23.04) pan time-lapse shot where early work on one end of bridge fades to a stage nearer completion (23.15) general construction work with time-lapse shots of different phases (25.03) before and after shots of land where new roads are built (25.25) shots of construction work, with time-lapse photography showing the gap closing in the middle of the bridge (27.12) girder with St. Andrew's flag and Union Jack attached at either end is lowered into place watched by the workmen (28.30) workmen finish for the day and leave bridge (29.38) gvs Forth Road Bridge (30.40)