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Title: RIVER TAY, the

Reference number: 1783

Date: 1956

Sponsor: Joint Production Committee of SEFA and SFC

Production company: Thames and Clyde Film Co. Ltd.

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.55 mins

Description: Following the river Tay showing the countryside and towns situated on its banks.

Paper archive file for teaching notes (written by Kenneth McAlpine of Perth Academy), correspondence, scripts. Film to suit pupils aged 11 and upwards. Background information includes the towns of the Tay Basin with populations and the industries prevalent in Dundee and Perth.

Credits: [Joint Production Committee for Visual Aids in Education]
educational adviser Kenneth McAlpine

Shotlist: Credits (.07); River Tay Basin 100 miles. Shot of map of same (1.05); Ben Lui. Panning shot of mountain range and shots of a river (1.32); Shot of man pushing trolley outside train station, Crianlarich Upper. Shot of train no 45280 passing through same station (1.44); The River Dochart (1.47); General views of the river (2.12); Kenmore Bridge. The river now bears the name Tay. Shot of bridge across the river and pan of river (2.31); Shot of lorry carrying lumber going through a town (2.36); Aberfeldy. Long shot of Aberfeldy (2.43); Shots of a bridge (2.50); Close-up of engraving on bridge which commemorates the opening in 1733 (2.56); Shot of a forest (3.00); Shot of two men chopping down and then sawing a tree (3.21); Shot of tree falling (3.30); Ballinluig. Close-up of river (3.42); Shot of map (3.57); Queen's View, Loch Tummel. General views of countryside (4.07); Killicrankie. Shot of railway line alongside a river (4.14); Pass of Killiecrankie. Shot from car of countryside (4.21); Shot of car and train going in opposite directions (4.28); Clunie Power Station. Output water flows into the artificial Loch Faskally. Shot of power station tracking to loch (4.46); Loch Faskally. Rowing and fishing boats for hire. Shots of empty rowing boats at quay and two men out rowing on loch (4.56); Shot of two women rowing on loch (5.00); Pitlochry. Shot of street and bus letting group of people off at Shers Hotel (5.25); Shot of a dam (5.30); Close-up of fish (5.37); Shot of river (5.45); Shots of men out fishing (5.54); Shot of three men stacking hay (6.20); Shot of two men working with a tractor in a field (6.31); Dunkeld. Shot of Dunkeld cathedral with guide showing four women around (7.01); North Inch, Perth. Shot of men playing cricket (7.19); Panning shot of river, bridge and riverside buildings (7.28); Shot of inscription on bridge which reads Height of flood, 17 February 1950. Shot of crowd of men in a street which has been closed off to traffic (7.44); Shot of man herding sheep into a van (7.52); British Railways Perth Station. Shots of man herding cattle into a train, with building marked "Dewar" in the background (8.06); Shot of Pullars of Perth van pulling out of building (8.12); Shot of traffic in street (8.17); Shot of pipe band (8.22); Salmon netting in Lower Tay. Long shot of river and countryside (8.36); Shot of man in rowing boat on river (8.41);' Shot of man getting into a rowing boat and taking nets to shore and two men rowing across river and laying nets to catch fish (9.09); Dundee. Long shot of town on bank of river (9.14); Pan of river and town (9.26); Shot of ship and crane (9.29); Various shots of men at work welding (9.36); Jute Industries Limited. Shots of women at work with thread, looms and the finished material (10.00); Close-up of material (10.06); Shot of seagulls flying along a river (10.09); Shot of the steamer "Crossel Bremen" getting ready to leave the quayside and then moving off along the river (10.38); End credits (10.51); End caption (10.55).