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Reference number: 0631

Date: 1961

Sponsor: Educational Films of Scotland

Production company: Thames and Clyde

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.53 mins

Description: Industry and farming in the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles, including shots of fishing, forestry work, crofting and city scenes of Aberdeen, Inverness and Stornoway.

See also ref. 3857 NORTHERN SCOTLAND (No.2).

Shotlist: Credits (.03) Northern Scotland lies north of a line running between Helensburgh and Stonehaven. shot of map showing this region (.19) One of the natural regions is the north east corner. Shot of map of Aberdeen area (.33) shot of signpost for Aberdeen (.37) shots of busy Aberdeen streets (1.03) Shot of large cathedral (1.15) Unidentified ornate building (1.20) Aberdeen is noted for granite, fish and farming. Shot of Rubislaw Granite Company Ltd.'s window (1.29) Shot of large granite block being lifted from quarry by crane (1.50) General shots around harbour of fish, fishing boats, sea crashing against sea wall (2.07) Shot of beef cattle - Aberdeen Angus? - in field (2.28) Apart from Aberdeen there are other centres for fishing and farming in th north east. fishing boat "Lossiemouth" in harbour (2.44) Shot of large sign for buckie painted on gable-end of house (2.47) General scenes around Buckie, village and harbour (2.57) Signpost for Fraserburgh and more fishing boats in harbour (3.12) Signpost for Peterhead and another fishing boat (3.22) Signs for Elgin and Elgin Cathedral and shot of the ruined cathedral itself (3.38) Signposts for Keith, Turriff, Inverurie and Huntly. Huntly town square (4.17) Shot of ruined building (4.27) Grain and water have made whisky a world famous product. Wide shot of farm and then a stream (4.45) shot of an unidentified building, possibly grain store of distillery (4.53) The second natural region is between the Highland fault line and Glenmore. Map showing this area (5.10) Signpost for Perth and gvs of city (5.36) Signpost for Pitlochry and views of town (5.52) Signpost for Aviemore and gvs of town, including railway station (6.06) Signpost for Grantown-on-Spey and gvs (6.30) Inverness signpost and gvs, including the castle and suspension bridge and shots of passing country-side from a moving car (6.44) Signpost for Fort Augustus and gvs (6.59) Fort William signpost and gvs (7.20) signpost for Oban and gvs of the harbour (7.28) Principal industries are forestry and hydro-electricity (7.33) gvs forests and of tree being felled, branches being trimmed and tree being dragged off by horse (8.17) shots of a waterfall and dam, shots of electricity pylons and hydro-electric station (8.31) the third main natural region is the northern Highlands and Islands. shot of map showing this area (8.46) general view of north west coast of Scotland (9.00) this is crofting country. The crofter is both farmer and fisherman. Shot of men on the coast, one loading lobster pots into rowing boat, the other scything reeds (9.29) Lewis is the biggest of the Western Islands. Stornoway is the chief town (9.53) Woman on hillside shaking a blanket (10.02) Skye is a great tourist attraction. Bus on tour to Dunvegan. shots of Skye scenery (10.17) Shots of a ferry crossing, waves lapping shore, view of sea in the evening, the sun reflected on the water (10.31) ecs (10.46)