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Reference number: 1653

Date: 1948c

Director: [filmed by Adam H. Malcolm]

Sponsor: Joint Production Committee of SEFA and SFC

Production company: SEFA (Edinburgh Branch)

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 7.42 mins

Description: Edinburgh's history, industry, and educational life is illustrated with particular reference to the distillation of whisky, the city's university and colleges and the production of the Edinburgh Evening News.

Unedited neg. rushes also held in National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

Shotlist: Credits (0.20) map showing area, and ensign of Edinburgh (0.40) l/s of Edinburgh Castle panning down to train on railway line (0.57) aerial shots of the docks and fishing boats (2.01) shots of cargo boat being unloaded of timber, barrels, sacks, coal, Carlsberg Beer from Copenhagen (3.06) shots of the breweries: Murray's Brewery, John Aitchison & Co. Ltd. Brewers, Robert Younger Ltd., St. Ann's Maltings, Archd. Campbell, Hope & King Ltd. Brewers (3.18) int. shots of bar showing bottles of beer (3.41) l/s of Edinburgh Castle (3.47) shots of distilleries - North British Distillery Co. Ltd., The Distillers Co. Ltd. Licensed Distillers (Caledonian Distillery), Drambuie Liqueur Co. Ltd., "Highland Queen" (4.00) l/s of Holyrood Palace (4.11) St. Giles Cathedral (4.24) City chambers (?) (4.28) shots of signs for Parliament Hall Court of Session (4.32) National Library of Scotland Parliament House (4.36) James' Court, Advocate's Close, Writers' Court leading to Warriston's Close (4.46) Shots of John Knox's House (4.54) shot of Chambers Street (?) and shots of signs for the Edinburgh Dental Hospital (5.01) Heriot-Watt College (5.07) University of Edinburgh Mathematical Institute Departments of Astronomy, Mathematics, Prehistoric Archaeology, Statistics, Moray House Training College, College of Agriculture, Social Sciences Research Centre (5.20) shots of Scott Monument (5.24) shot of sign for Bank of Scotland, The Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd (5.33) shots of the Royal bank of Scotland, the British Linen Bank (5.49) shots of the Forestry Commission Scottish Headquarters (6.02) the National Coal Board (Scottish Division) the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation: Civil Aviation Divisional Office (6.08) shots of the Evening News building and shots of the newspaper hot from the press (6.32) shots of the Scotsman and Evening despatch building (6.45) l/s of the Mound (6.52) shots of the statue of John Knox (1505-1572) (7.00) shots of books printed by Scottish printers - Nelson, Chambers, Warrack, T. & T. Clark, Blackwood, Oliver and Boyd, W. & A.K. Johnston Ltd., Richard Paterson, University Press (7.37) The End (7.42)