Sections of prefabricated houses being made in an ex-aircraft factory, then being loaded onto lorries ready to be taken to the the housing estate for assembly. (clip)

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Reference number: 0505

Date: 1947*

Production company: SEFA (Dunbartonshire Group)

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12 mins

Description: A survey of the principal industries in the county of Dunbarton, including shipbuilding on Clydebank, the production of sewing machines at Singer, the construction of pre-fabricated housing in Dumbarton and calico printing in the Vale of Leven.

Credits: A survey of the principle industries in the city conducted by the Dunbartonshire branch of SEFA

Shotlist: Credits (.17) map of roads, railways and canals (.40) there are two basic industries - the production of food and fuel. Shots of cattle being milked, harvesting and potato picking (1.30) shots on surface of coal mine and cage, loaded skips at Twechar, conveyor, sorting coal (2.16) Shipbuilding - one of the principal industries and one of the oldest in the country. Shots of John Brown's yard at Clydebank. The "Caronia" under construction (2.41) photographs of the "Lusitania" 1906, "Franconia" 1923, "Queen Mary" 1936, "Queen Elizabeth" 1040-46 (3.01) shots inside drawing office and of models being built. Shots of model test tank at John Brown's, wave making machine (4.08) Launch party. Shots of vessel no. 648 ["Rangitane"] on the slipway and then being launched (4.40) shots inside machine shop of turbines, etc. Shots of fitting out (5.15) Shipbreaking at Faslane, Gare Loch. [The "Vanguard" was broken up here, not seen in film] Old ships provide scrap for re-issue to industry. Shots of vessel being broken up and piles of scrap (5.43) A Dunbartonshire product known throughout the world. Ext. of Singer factory and labour force coming out (6.03) shots inside the design office, on the shop floor as moulds are made, and metal frame of sewing machines being cast (7.14) At Singer, Clydebank, this factory, the largest sewing machine factory in the world, employs 12,000 workers. gvs inside the factory [ which came to town in 1882] of various stages in the assembly process (8.18) Cabinets being made in a different part of the factory. [The cabinet shop was the same size as the "Lusitania", i.e. 800ft. long] (8.48) A new industry. Building aluminium pre-fabricated houses in the Blackburn Aircraft company's factory at Dumbarton. Shots of pre-fabricated houses on site and under construction in the factory. Manufacture of various parts and final assembly and transportation (10.07) An industry nearly 200 year old. Calico printing in the Vale of Leven works of the United Turkey Red Company Limited. Shots of bales of fabric and of machinery. Women join bales of cloth by sewing into one great length which travels like a belt while it is being washed and bleached. Shots of the processes (11.39) The workforce leaving (11.46) Summary of the principal industries. Captions (12.07)