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Reference number: 1350

Date: 1956

Sponsor: Joint Production Committee of SEFA and SFC

Production company: Templar Film Studios

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.50 mins

Description: The geography and industries of the river Forth from source to sea.

See Teaching notes. Of the two kilns shown in the film, one has since been demolished. The other is a listed building as it is unique in Scotland.

Credits: educational adviser A. J. Brown

Shotlist: Credits (.26); The mountains. Map of the Ben Lomond area. Shot of Ben Lomond and its boggy slopes (1.12); Shepherd drinks from a stream. General shots of shepherd. Shots of a waterfall (1.55); Shots of main street and shop fronts in Aberfoyle. General views of people in street (2.23); Shots of River Forth as bus passes over bridge. Shots of angler (2.52); The plain. Map of area from Aberfoyle to Alloa (3.18); General views flat farm land (3.48); A farmer ploughs field by tractor. Shots of hay making (4.36); Old mill on the river near Thornhill, Cessuntully Mill, driven by water wheel. Shots of wheel and stages in process of milling oats (5.02); River water (5.08); Shot of Stirling Castle (5.19); Soldiers changing the guard (?) in castle (5.32); Various bridges over the Forth. Steam locomotive crosses one railway viaduct over road. General views of traffic in streets as herd of sheep and cows are taken through town (6.26); Shots at a livestock market as auction gets underway (6.59); Busy street scenes in Stirling as passengers get on bus (7.19); Crowds watch rowing race on river (7.33); Shots of riverside industrial buildings, including glass factory kilns (7.48); Woman and spinning machinery inside a woollen mill, Paton and Baldwin's, in Alloa (8.30); Shots inside Alloa Glass works during manufacture of jam jars (8.55); Small boy fishing by river with net and jam jar (9.01); Industrial landscape along river, including kilns (9.12); The estuary. Map of river estuary (9.39); Pan along northern shoreline to Kincardine Bridge (9.53); Pan round and general views of surrounding area, pit bings and pit heads. Miners ascend in cage and wash undershowers (11.11); General views of the Forth railway bridge and shots of the "Queen Margaret" ferry between North and South Queensferry (11.39); End credits (11.50).