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Title: CORKY

Reference number: 1183

Date: 1956

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 20 mins

Description: The adventures of a young boy in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.

Winner of the Scottish Film Council Prize - £10, at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF), 1958.

Credits: A CBC Film
cast : Norman McParland as Corky; Roslynn McLeod as Beverley; [dogs] Maxie and Jinx, supported by Helen Pettigrew, Louise Boyd, Joan Gracie, Margaret Watson, Eddie Cairns, John McCulloch, Billy Stewart, Jim Isaac; Samson Holt, John Cairns, Mark Cooke, Gerard McParland, Arthur Littlejohn, Joe Wilson, Jim Watson, Tom Hunter, Peter McCartney, John McEwan, Robert Barrowman, Matthew Bradley, James Curtis, Joseph Coyle, Bobby Reilly, James Coyle, Alec Kirson, and the little girls of Cheviot Crescent, Wishaw.
music composed by Bob McLeod
the film was devised, directed and delivered by Enrico Cocozza

Shotlist: Credits. (0.50) Young man in a red beret carrying painters' tools, walks to a house; boy comes out and buckles on skates (2.23) boy skates off and finds a parked motorcycle to sit on; a woman comes out of a nearby house and they wink (3.00) boys playing marbles; one boy is smoking a cigar; bigger boys try to bother them and a fight starts (4.15) A Corky's brother is caught smoking by his mother who confiscates the cigarette and smokes it herself (5.17) Corky plays on his go-cart; a driver asks him for directions (6.00) a young man carries Corky upside down; he falls on the go-cart (6.35) bigger boys try to ambush Corky, but accidentally crash into a pram instead; Corky walks on, sticking his tongue out (8.22) Corky finds a large dog and returns him to his owner, who gives him a bag of sweets for a reward (11.45) girls skipping; children run to follow the rag and bone man; Corky swaps his jumper for two balloons and ride on the cart, intercut with 'Beverley' taking a terrier for a walk; Corky offers her a balloon, and she takes both (14.25) The older boys from earlier on find Corky playing on a swing and push him too high; the rag and bone men catch them and throw them down a slope; the three play on a roundabout (17.05) Beverley is bullied by two older boys; Corky walks up with a large dog; the boys run off, Corky gives her a sweetie and they walk off arm in arm (18.40) ecs (20.00).