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Reference number: 1173

Date: 1949 - 1950

Director: filmed by Enrico Cocozza

Production company: Connoisseur Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 31.55 mins

Description: The story of two young boys who commit a robbery.

Amateur Cine World Film of the Year 1951
Scottish Amateur Film Festival Lizar's prize 1951
Described by Cocozza as 'fiction-documentary'
Originally produced as a silent film - sound added after 1951. Distributed by Contemporary Films in the 'Classics of Silent Cinema' section. Filmed at what was known colloquially as 'Mrs Joe's cafe'. The cafe owner is Assunta, Enrico's mother.

Credits: This film is dedicated in the memory of Guiseppe Cocozza.
cast John Graham, Gerard Cahill, Margaret McCreadie-Parker, Sadie Curran
w., p. and d. Enrico Cocozza
ph. Enrico Cocozza
ass. cameraman James Craig
lighting Henry Blakeway
ass. d. Sadie Curran
make-up Betty Heron
sd. rec. GCS
sd. engineers Harold Skaife, Philip Johnston
continuity Betty Heron
Enrico Cocozza wishes to express his indebtedness to Mr. John Scott, the Remand Home Association, Glasgow. Mr Malcolm Moon, Mr James McHolm, Mr Rattray Ash and to many others who rendered invaluable assistance and advice in the production of the film.

End Credits
cast : John Graham, Chick; Margaret McCreadie-Parker, His Mother; Gerard Cahill, Jerry; James McHolm, Mr. Bruce; Sadie Curran, The Girl; John Murdoch, The Bookie; John Lawrie, Johnny; Martha Marshall, First Housewife; Marion Bavis, Second Housewife; and,
William Higgins, James Purdie, William Moonie, Henry Blakeway, Tom McGetahy, Duncan Robertson, as The Gang assisted by Alex Moon, Robert Smith, Tommy McIntyre, Tom McIntyre, John Young, Jim Grierson, Billy Tannenhill, John McLeavy, and Jim McPherson

Shotlist: [Note:- Shotlisted at 24fps. Actual running speed is 16fps]

Credits (.52); Story of West Cross with credits superimposed. Boys playing football in the street (1.15); Women hanging washing up and shot of rooftops with close-up of building (1.35); Shot of boy eating at a table and then being thrown out by his mother (5.37); Boy walking along the street with shots of local men hanging around street corners (8.10); Shots of the men lying on a roundabout and playing leapfrog (9.40); A group of youths playing pitch and toss (10.18); Boy talks to a man in a wheelchair (11.22); Chick meets another boy and they discuss a robbery (12.40); The two youths break into a house but are caught by a woman. After a struggle they both escape (14.40); Later in the day, they argue and fight in the countryside (18.00); Shots at West Cross in Wishaw and local street scenes (18.41); The boy has a blackout (19.48); Shots of the boy trying to get into his house, but his mother is inside drunk and so cannot hear him. Pan over the rooftops (20.50); End credits (21.18)