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Reference number: 10027

Date: 1952c

Sponsor: Golden Fleece Petroleum Products

Production company: W. Ralston Ltd., Elder Film Productions Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.47 mins

Description: The construction, launch and testing of the tanker Harold Sleigh, built by the Blythswood Shipbuilding Company for Golden Fleece Petroleum Products of Australia.

Additional information: 'Golden Fleece was started by H. C. Sleigh in 1916. He was the first to have one-brand service stations in Australia, which was in the 1920's. Golden Fleece was traded until 1981, when Caltex Oil (Australia Pty. Ltd) purchased the brand. A lot of Golden Fleece owners refused to go with Caltex and stopped selling petrol. For them it was Golden Fleece or nothing. Thanks to Jim Sonter for this info.'

Credits: produced jointly by W. Ralston Ltd. Glasgow G2 Marine and Industrial Photographers and Elder Film Productions Ltd. Glasgow G2

Shotlist: title - A NEW TANKER for H.C. SLEIGH LTD MARKETERS OF GOLDEN FLEECE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - credits - gvs River Clyde and shipyards - 'Blythswood Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.' sign on wall - gvs Blythswood shipyard - c/u hull specification plans for Blythswood ship number 104 - gvs workers in drawing office preparing plans and model hull (2.14) gvs shipyard with keel laid, framework of ship taking shape, steel plated being hoisted up, welding, workers on deck - gvs cranes, scaffolding, sides of ship being painted - rivets being heated in brazier, riveters at work, riveter lights cigarette with tongs - constructed section being hoisted into place (5.49) high shot looking west down Clyde - propeller being towed towards yard on pontoon, then lifted into position on shaft - wide shots of yard with Harold Sleigh on slipway - workers constructing wooden blocks for launching cradle - wide shots of ship on slipway - anchors and chains lifted into place as shipyard manager watches (8.41) gvs of launch day - pipe band marches in, tugs wait on river, guests climb stairs to launching platform - Hamilton Sleigh of the Golden Fleece company and his wife wait on the platform, then Mrs Sleigh launches ship - gvs ship entering water from slipway - tugs, including Warrior, tow ship - gvs platform party, pipe band (12.37) tugs prepare to tow ship downriver to Greenock for fitting-out (13.24) gvs Harold Sleigh docked in Greenock - gvs boilers being hoisted on board, workers pushing for clearance as boiler lowered - c/u sign 'Danger - Fog on River' - work in winter conditions - workers thawing railway points with fire - gvs workers, fittings being hoisted and carried on board - apprentice heating hands at brazier - engine bed plate being heated with burning paraffin cloths before lifting - crane being warmed in brazier - dark shots of bed plate being lifted (17.16) gvs Harold Sleigh heading downriver, c/u shots propeller - gvs technicians on board testing equipment - working completing final paint-work - ship turns round in Loch Long, paddle steamer passes - gvs anchor trials port and starboard (21.14) l/shots ship under speed testing with ballasted tanks - company flag is raised, owner Hamilton Sleigh and partners shake hands - c/u brass building plaque - ship on Clyde - THE END - credits (23.47)