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Reference number: 0835

Date: 1947c

Production company: GB Instructional

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.00 minsc

Description: A steam train journey from Glasgow to Oban in the Highlands.

Credits: p. John C. Elder

Shotlist: [Approx running time at actual speed of 18fps is 12.00 minsc]

Credits (.17) Mother, father, Robert and I went off by train for a holiday (.22) Ext. of Buchanan Street station, Glasgow (.25) shot of station entrance (.27) tickets issued from ticket window (.31) ticket collector punches tickets at platform gate (.39) the boys' father buys a newspaper from the bookstall (.47) c/u of the two boys looking at a magazine (.50) the bookstall (.51) shots of the boys still looking at a magazine (.58) parents on platform preparing to board train (1.03) shot of the boys still at the bookstall (1.05) mother boards the train and father returns to the bookstall to collect his two boys (1.12) shots of boys with a magazine (1.14) track signals change and the guard blows his whistle (1.16) boys with magazine (1.18) boys hear guard blowing his whistle (1.20) c/u of the guard blowing the whistle (1.21) boys run to the platform and meet their father on the way (1.27) guard waves his flag (1.30) high shot of train as it leaves the station, passing another steam train on its way in (1.49) tracking shot from rear of train as it moves along the line (1.57) int. of train. shots as father unfolds map of Scotland (2.09) shots of passing countryside (2.24) l/s of steam train passing through rural landscape (2.30) tracking shot from front of the train (2.38) engine boiler is stoked (2.42) shot from train as it slowly passes through small station (2.52) l/s of steam train passing through rural landscape (2.56) medium shot of steam train passing (3.00) train crossing a bridge (3.11) shot from train as it crosses bridge (3.25) shots of car travelling along a road parallel to the railway track as seen from the train (3.28) pan of stationary carriages [No. 2300 painted on side] (3.31) c/u of Argyllshire area on map (3.36) shot from train as it passes a loch (3.44) ticket collector in corridor. shot of father as collector enters carriage (3.50) father searches for the tickets as ticket collector looks on smiling (3.58) father then searches through his pockets, mother produces tickets from her bag (4.03) c/u of father (4.06) c/u of tickets in mother's hand (4.07) c/u of father again (4.10) father looks at his map (4.17) tracking shot from front of train as it enters and leaves a tunnel (4.30) father with the map (4.35) tracking shot from front of train (4.40) l/s of steam train in rural landscape (4.52) shots from train as it passes another stretch of water, probably Loch Awe (4.56) shot from train looking down over small village and a bridge over the river (5.03) shot of train disappearing round a bend in the track (5.11) the family eat their packed lunch (5.24) shots of passing scenery (5.30) sandwiches disappear from plate (5.36) one of the boys grabs the last sandwich (5.43) the train passes slowly through a station, possibly Lochawe? (5.49) shots of the boys leaning out of train window (5.50) shot of stationary train (5.52) father and sons disembark to watch the engine's water tank being filled up (6.13) they get back on board the train and it moves off (6.31) shot of loch (6.33) train continues on its journey. shot of river and steep sided hills, the Pass O' Brander (6.46) shots of the sky (6.49) tracking shot from train of the passing scenery (6.56) a mailbag is passed by hand from guard to a man on the track-side from the moving train (7.02) In his compartment, father studies his map (7.11) shot of Connel Bridge (7.13) shot of the family in train (7.19) Connel Bridge again (7.27) shots of scenery (7.43) the train enters Oban station (7.46) family disembark (7.51) While father went for the luggage, Robert and I visited the driving cab of the engine (7.58) father collects suitcase from guard's van (8.01) train driver shows the boys the various controls in the cab (8.08) furnace doors are opened and shut (8.18) another shot of the two boys in the cab (8.20) We thanked the engine driver for the pleasant journey (8.25) the engine drive waves from his cab (8.29) ecs (8.42)