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Reference number: 0578

Date: 1973

Director: d. Abel Goddman

Production company: Martin Kane Production

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.00 mins

Description: Cashmere wool obtained from Mongolia is spun and knitted at Scottish mills into cashmere knitwear for Pringle, Ballantyne, Braemar and Glenmac.

See also refs. 0579, 3483 and 3484

Credits: w. Moray Salden
nar. Bryden Murdoch
m. David Muricaine
ph. Harry Orchard
Scottish cashmere knitwear supplied by Pringle of Scotland, Ballantyne of Peebles, Braemar, Berrie, Glenmac and J & D McGeorge
[model Joanna Lumley]

Shotlist: No opening credits. Dawn over lochside. General shots of countryside in south of Scotland (1.06); Banners flying and shots of Highland games, dancers, athletes, a piper, etc. (2.17); Two women and one man wearing Cashmere sweaters. (2.33); Pipe band and credits superimposed (3.16); Mountain scenery in Mongolia. Cashmere goats are combed out by hand and the underfleece put into sacks. Yak with sacks on its back. Mule train (5.27); Weighing sacks and carrying them to waiting boats (5.46); Sacks of cashmere wool stored in Joseph Dawson's mill (6.01); Scoured and washed by machine. (6.26); Exterior of Todd and Duncan's mill by Loch Leven (6.44); Shots of dyeing process and teasing of wool (7.12); Oiling, carding and spinning onto cores (8.50); Inside the designer's office in knitwear factory (9.08); Shots inside factory of knitting machines (9.45); Women sew different pieces together. Man weaves pattern by hand (10.47); Views of the different processes in making a garment, with shots of machinery and hand operated processes. Garments pressed over a dummy (11.31); Sweater cut to make cardigan (11.49); Buttonholes, labels and finishing touches (12.07); Women model the knitwear (12.19); A couple in a sports car on road get out and admire the view - modelling knitwear. Various shots of different models with different backgrounds (15.30); Sunset over the water (15.40); ecs (16.30)