A shabby suit is revitalised by using the Franco Barbe method of laundering in Glasgow's Castlebank Laundry - here we see stubborn stains being removed and the work of the tailoring department. (clip)

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Reference number: 0423

Date: 1931

Director: d. Ronald L. Jay

Sponsor: Castlebank Dye Works, Glasgow

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.00 mins

Description: How a suit can be revitalised by using the Franco Barbe method of laundering in Glasgow's Castlebank Laundry.

See also ref. 0434.

Shotlist: Credits (.17); Man dons jacket (.25); By Jove! I'd no idea this suit had got so shabby! I'll take it to the Castlebank branch straight away! Man takes jacket off again (.38); Off to Castlebank - the home of the Franco Barbe! Exterior of dye works. Van pulls in (1.04) Receiving the soiled garments. Van pulls into delivery bay, women sort out laundry into baskets (1.50); Your own mark is typed on tape. Shots of girl typing out tape (2.02); And Stitched to the suit. To the Franco Barbe cleaning department. Shots inside the dye works as man puts load into machine and closes it (3.14); The soiled articles are bathed for 1 1/2 hours in successive waves of hot spirit. Hot spirit is the unique feature of Franco Barbe and gives the finest cleaning. The Franco Barbe process is exclusive to Castlebank. Man opens the machine, takes out suits and loads them into a basket (4.13); Stubborn stains receive special attention from skilled 'spotters'. Shots of girls at tables working onto stains (4.33); Voila! To the tailoring department for minor repairs. Shots of the workshop and repairs being carried out (5.22); Then to the first pressing - different appliances for different parts. Shots of the presses in use (6.53); And on to the final tailor pressing ... setting of collar, lapels, etc. Men use hand irons (7.22); Then to the packing department where the suit is carefully folded to avoid creases. Girl folds and packs the suit (8.32); Then to the despatch department. Boxes are loaded into a van (8.54); And home. The man tries on his freshly laundered suit. What a transformation! My old suit has been made new - in four days - and only 3/6d. (9.40); This film will be shown again in two minutes time (9.48)