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  • Ayrshire
  • Dumfriesshire


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Sporting activities
  • War


  • Local topical


  • 1940s

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Reference number: 0325

Date: 1941*

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 5 mins

Description: Scenes of Guid Nychburris Day Festival held in wartime, including a football match at Palmerston Park and a fancy dress parade.

Credits: [possibly made by the Lyceum Cinema, Dumfries]

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from time-coded VHS copy, times converted from 25fps to 18 fps]

No credits. brass band football teams emerge, running past camera; of football match at Palmerston Park, Dumfries (0.44); Teams compete in relay race, run across pitch; dignitary shakes teams' hands (1.25); group shots of men, most in uniform (1.47); Shots of football match again, intercut with dignitaries and a group of young women; Teams leave the field (2.52); Shots of Guid Nychburris Day celebrations; prizes are given for children fancy dress, and decorated bikes (4.20) Parade along street, under banner "Buy Defence Bonds" [woman carries Norwegian flag in procession]; Military band and a fancy dress parade including Queen of the South? (4.20)