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Reference number: 0131

Date: 1936

Director: filmed by Nat and Nettie McGavin

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30 mins

Description: Holiday scenes in Iceland, Spitzbergen and Norway.

Nettie McGavin (sister of Frank Marshall) both founder members of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers and prizewinners at several Scottish Amateur Film Festivals.

Shotlist: Part I Iceland and Spitzbergen.

Credits (.02) Demonstration of circular route on map from London to Scandinavia and back (.35) setting off to join the "SS Andora" at Tilbury with shots of steam engine pulling out of St. Pancras Station (1.20) ship at quayside for embarkation (1.43) we're off! Lowering the Blue Peter. Under way and general deck activities (3.11) Reykjavik. On shore and touring around hot springs (4.20) fish curing. Shots of same at harbour (5.00) Arctic Circle Jan Mayen Island. Ship with photographers taken at midnight when it is still light. Ice floes and icebergs appear as the ship approaches ice barrier 580 miles from the North Pole (6.55) South to Spitzbergen. Stopping off at coastal glacier (7.57) Amundsen's Hangar at King's Bay and then on to Spitzbergen (8.31)

Part II Into Norwegian Waters.

Credits (.02) Midnight sun at North Cape. Panorama (.37) Ship at 1.30 am. and then on to the south (1.17) Laplanders at Lygen. Selling and gvs of the people (2.01) Reindeer. Shots of herd within yards of the camera (3.26) Tromso. general street scenes (4.53) Cruising in the Norwegian Fjords. Views of ship life (6.08) Trondheim. Profile and views of vessel on the last evening (10.35) Leaving Norwegian waters (10.53)