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Title: ABERDEEN 1906

Reference number: 0042

Date: 1906

Production company: Walker & Company [Walker's Royal Cinematograph]

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 22.44 mins

Description: Footage of 27th September 1906 when King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra visited Aberdeen to open new extension to Marischal College Aberdeen University.

Full silent version made 2001 from preservation material held by BFI Collections. Walkers & Company used four cameras to film the procession and gave a presentation of the resulting film, which lasted 50.00 mins on Friday 28th September at Marischal College, Saturday 29th September and Monday 1st October at the Music Hall. They also gave an exhibition of the film at Peterhead on Tuesday 2nd October and at Fraserburgh on Wednesday 3rd October. See text of public presentation, Nov. 2001 in Additional Information 1/1/423.

See ref. 0042A for sound version. See also ref. 0010

Credits: [ph. Joe Gray, Paul Robello]

Shotlist: [see also shotlist for shorter sound version]

View of decorations around Union Terrace Gardens, with His Majesty's Theatre in background, pan left towards William Wallace statue and other grass area with decorations, St Marks Church in background (.38) view of decorations on Union Bridge, with horse and carriage and tram coming towards camera, another horse and carriage pass from right to left, pan left to left side of Union Bridge where large floral banner marking celebrations is shown, banner says Aberdeen University Quater-Centenary Celebrations September 1906 and is situated behind statue of King Albert (1.05) pan left looking towards Union Terrace (1.14) pan left across decorations covering front of St Nicholas Cemetery on Union Street, banner saying God Bless Our King And Queen, brief shot of Back Wynd (street) (1.29) crowds line either side of street as Chief Constable of Police and another officer mounted on horses, ride left out of shot, whilst in background the Band of Royal Scots Greys start a procession out of gates at unidentified area, Fifeshire and Forfarshire Imperial Yeomanry, Seaforth Highlanders in kilts uniform, graduates mostly men but some women, men in suits, three Admiralty men with white feather plumes and swords file past (3.50) crowd pushes forward making narrower area for rest of procession of graduates, admiralty, clergy, councillors, men in top hats and police officers at rear, the crowd converges in after this and begin to disperse in different directions (5.37) the 2nd Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) mounted on horses wearing busbies perform Guard of Honour outside of Holburn Street Train Station (seen in foreground with backs to camera), in background Lord Strathcona, Sir Frederick Treves, Principal Lang and Mr Crombie get into horse drawn carriage and other gowned men get into another carriage, pan right to two empty carriages outside station (6.01) two carriages pass left out of shot each containing two admiralty men (6.09) Queen Alexandra, King Edward VII, Minister in Attendance and the King's Equerries get into first carriage outside Holburn Street Train Station, they are escorted by Royal Scots Greys, Fife shire and Forfar shire Imperial Yeomanry and mounted police officers, The Honourable Charlotte Knollys, The Lord Chamberlain to the Queen Earl Howe, The Lord in Waiting Lord Colebrooke and The Groom in Waiting Sir A. Condie Stephen get into 2nd carriage, carriages move off down Holburn Street (6.50) behind view of Royal carriages, mounted police and other carriages moving up street as crowds on either side wave at procession (7.26) pan right to Aberdeen Boys Brigade lined up and then Fifeshire and Forfarshire Imperial Yeomanry pass in front of camera (7.49) camera looking towards entrance to Marischal College on Broad Street, Fifeshire and Forfarshire Imperial Yeomanry pass as two robed men wait holding sceptres, to the left of shot is a guard of honour by University Company Royal Army Medical Corps V with swords rested on their right shoulders, a carriage arrives and Rector Sir Frederick Treves, Principal Lang, Lord Strathcona and Mr Crombie get out carriage, Mr Crombie walks off to left and the 3 others go into hall (8.37) Baillie Milne, Baillie Johnston, Dean of Guild Murray and Treasurer Meff get out of another carriage (8.46) three other carriages pass, two are empty and Earl of Aberdeen and Sheriff Crawford get out the other, Rector Sir Frederick Treves, Principal Lang and Lord Strathcona wait and take their hats off as the King and Queen arrive, they bow and greet them and escort them into hall (10.39) Lord Provost Lyon and Mrs Lyon and various dignitaries, graduates and admiralty leave the hall (11.19) King and Queen and Minister in Attendance and the King's Equerries get into carriage, Rector Sir Frederick Treves, Principal Lang and Lord Strathcona bow as carriage takes off, pan right down Broad Street with crowd watching (12.18) cut back to entrance and others leaving hall (12.41) Lord Provost Lyon and Mrs Lyon exit carriage and go into Town House on Castle Street, which has tartan bunting over doorway, they wait in doorway (13.03) two admiralty men and a woman walk down Broad Street, which is lined by The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Gordon Highlanders in kilts, pan right to Lord Provost Lyon and Mrs Lyon waiting at Town House door (13.23) Royal carriage comes towards camera down Broad Street and turns left to pull in front of Town House, King and Queen get out and Lord Provost and King salute each other and shake hands and Lord Provost and Mrs Lyon bow/curtsey to the Queen, they all go into Town House, another carriage arrives and The Honourable Charlotte Knollys, The Lord Chamberlain to the Queen Earl Howe, The Lord in Waiting Lord Colebrooke and The Groom in Waiting Sir A. Condie Stephen get out and enter Town House (14.38) graduates walk down Broad Street and others leave Town House (15.13) Mrs Lyon bids farewell to King and Queen, they get into carriage, King salutes and sits down, carriages leave left going up Union Street, five guards of Royal Scots Greys follow (16.27) another carriage goes by (16.43) bend in road at Union Terrace Gardens and Union Terrace, pipe band lead a procession of war veterans from Crimea and Indian wars, they are wearing suits and medals (18.05) Gordon Highlanders now line same part of street and the following pass by, fast moving carriage, a car containing military men, two mounted police officers, four mounted police officers, three carriages containing two graduates, two carriages containing admiralty, a mounted Imperial Yeomanry man, battalion of Royal Scots Greys wearing busbies, the Royal carriage, mounted police officers (20.07) brass band of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) soldiers with guns march up unidentified street (20.21) group of men and women walk along unidentified street next to a marque and enter it (20.36) procession containing the aforementioned carriages etc from Union Terrace enter the General Railway Station turning right off Guild Street (22.26) a Guard of Honour by Royal Navy sailors march past from left to right by camera and proceed left up Guild Street (22.44)