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Reference number: 0032

Date: 1950

Sponsor: Department of Health for Scotland

Production company: Editorial Productions

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9 mins

Description: A look at the improvements to the water supply in rural areas brought about by the construction of the Lammermuir reservoir.

Shotlist: Credits (.10) man approaches crowd in village street where a notice has been posted warning inhabitants to boil all domestic water before use (.33) gvs rushing water, a baby being bathed, woman baking, boy drinking, tea being poured out, glasses being washed in pub (.50) farmer empties bucket of water into trough for cattle and bucket is cleaned (.58) boy with milk at school desk (1.02) shot of a man with the warning notice (1.07) shouts of mountain stream (1.14) unidentified loch (1.16) River Forth with shot of the rail bridge (1.24) another shot of the warning notice (1.30) three men in a sitting room drinking whisky and water and talking about the situation (1.53) a mountain stream (1.59) a dam (2.05) workmen laying water pipes (2.09) filter beds (2.16) water pouring from a domestic tap (2.19) unidentified loch and mountain streams (2.35) man empties a barrow on the banks of a stream (2.42) woman empties bucket on bank of stream (2.47) water tested in laboratory to ensure that it is free from germs (3.21) an animated iagram illustrates the water travelling through primary and secondary filter beds (3.46) int. of a filtration plant (3.59) water in tiled gulley on its way to the covered reservoir (4.09) shots of men operating pressure controls (4.14) notices on wall giving information on the chlorination process (4.19) shots of men operating the controls which add chlorine to the water (4.36) men discuss the differences between town and country water supplies (5.21) Several shots of women collecting water in buckets from outside wells (5.34) woman empties bucket of used water (5.40) man opens drain to check the crude filtration (5.52) single decker service bus (6.00) shots of fast flowing rivers (6.05) man takes drink from outside well (6.16) gvs village street and countryside, Princes Street, Edinburgh with trams, cars and buses (7.10) ext. the Water Board's offices (7.21) front cover of the Government Bill, "A National Water Policy" (7.30) shot of extract from the Bill referring to money to be spent in Scotland (7.47) Houses of Parliament in London (7.57) ceremony on hillside to mark the start of the construction of the 440 million gallon reservoir in the Lammermuir Hills (8.15) equipment in use in field (8.23) rural village (8.26) woman collects water from well in bucket (8.30) man carries two buckets of water indoors (8.33) woman bathing baby (8.38) ext. of rural cottage (8.42) man rinsing his razor (8.48) ecs (8.54)